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Mr. T

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I actually printed out a bingo game of catch phrases Obama could use. I almost got a bingo... LOL


But, I counted the number of times Obamao said "I" or "Me".'' Seriously, I lost count at 63. I couldn't count


anymore because I was ROF,LMAO.


He's supposed to be so brilliant, but he won't release his grades. He's supposed to be so brilliant, but even though


he's a "Constitutional Attorney", he misread Justice Kennedy's decision reading, and thought it meant


that foreign companies could donate in elections. Wrong.


He's supposed to be so intelligent, yet he stupidly referred to himself that many times. I guess he


had to have flunked any speech class he ever took. He's profoundly arrogant, to the point of seeing himself


as Napoleon when he looks in the mirror. He made an ass of himself in his speech.

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