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Recruiting stars translating to NFL Success


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This topic was started but after searching through 6 pages couldn't find it so I decided to post this for the orgiinal poster.


The first two rounds of last years draft only had 10 "5 star" recruits according to Scout - 16%.

Only 8 were "4 stars" - 13%.

15 were "3 stars" - 23%.

25 were "2 stars" - 39%.

and 6 snuck in with 1 measly star to there credit - 9%.

That's 71% with 3 stars or less!!!!!


The "experts" nailed the QB and RB positions, while DT is completely unpredictable, at least for this small sample.


I know that the sample size is minuscule, and therefore subject to debate, but I found this to be interesting.

Sorry for the whole new thread but couldn't find it. I know this is only one year but didn't feel like researching much more.

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