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4 round mock draft


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This is just my opinion what the browns need to do in the upcoming draft:


Round 1:


First - Eric Berry (most likely will be gone, but if not its a no brainer)


Second - Joe Haden (impact player, no other cb besides wright should be starting)


Third - Trade down for Mike Iupati (beast of a guard, wont need a RG for a long time)



Round 2:


First - Brandon Graham (always need people who can get to the QB)


Second - Brandon Spikes (the one thing the browns have lacked on defense for years is intensity, he brings it hard every game)



Round 3 Pick 1:


First - Marshawn Gilyard (playmaker, #1 WR ability)


Second - Toby Gerhart (i would love to see the browns have a bruiser, think mike alstott)


Third - Sergio Kindle (only take if Graham isn't taken in second)



Round 3 Pick 2:


First - Reshad Jones (if berry is not taken, also should look at Barry Church as a possible late round stud)


Second - Dan LeFevour (see my Push For Dan LeFevour Thread)



Round 4:


First - Jacoby Ford (it never hurts to have a 4.3 40yd dash player on a team)


Second - Brandon Carter (underrated guard that would be a nice pickup if no Iupati pick)


Third - Colt McCoy (4th round, why not, not much to lose here)



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