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Obama Budget carries record deficit

Pumpkin Eater

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Obama claimed in his s.o.u. that he created 2 million jobs with the stimulus package, fact check is saying it is roughly over 500,000 another lie that everyone will believe. Now he is proposing another 100 Billion bill to go towards job creation.



And where is the spending freeze?



Looks like smoke and mirrors to me. Tell a lie and 80% of the people will believe it even after it has been refuted.

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Well over a 3 TRILLION dollar budget?


It is said, that the Obamao admin is depending on a cap and tax/trade bill being passed,

and getting the money from that.


IOW's, we're going to deliberately do a bunch of stupid stuff, and crash this American economy


permanently, so we have all the momentum and excuse to remake in Marx's image.


Of course, THIS time it will brilliantly successful.


Our country is going to suffer greatly. We're in trouble.

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we were in trouble 2 years ago....... the bill is now due and everyone is surprised that our defecit is this high? whether it is a republican or democrat in the white house the reality is this was not going to change in a matter of 12 months.


it is what it is. You cant run up defecits and cut taxes along with expand legacy medicare entitlements without reigning in costs on the drug and insurance industry while you have a major military escalation on two fronts on top of losing jobs thanks in large part to deregulation on a bloated economy.


1 year is not going to reverse the trend...... things ALWAYS get worse before they get better when the problem is this vast...... If you want to politicize the medicine and the illness you can but this is not about who is in office rather how we are going to fix it.


The "fix" is not what the general public who in large only care about their own immediate needs rather than what is good for us overall in the future.



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Please Sev, for goodness' sake,


don't make us repost the incredible waste of billions of dollars of those


$$$$$$$$$$$$ that fraudulently were called "stimulus".


This size deficit is devastating.


450 million of Bush's to Obama's 1.6 TRILLION.


But his current budget includes getting a ton of money

from the cap n trade/tax bill that hasn't been passed.


If some pres wanted to completely devaste our economy, to


get control of everything, to get the power like a Chavez...


he would do it just like Obamao is now doing it.

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