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Responding to Scores

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One of the things that is important for a team is how the offense responds when the opposing team scores. It is vital that they are able to respond with a score of their own...so that things don't get out of control.


So far, there have been 11 scores against the Browns. Of those 11, it was POSSIBLE to respond on 10 (one FG ended the half).


Out of the 10 scores we COULD respond to, the Browns and BQ have responded with scores of our own on 6. A fumble by K2 claimed another (we had a 1st on the opposing 38 if he hadn't so likely would have scored)....downs at the end of the game in Denver (1:24 to ge when we got the ball needing a TD)...and punted twice.


60% response is pretty good. In fact, only 1x have we gone 3 and out following an opponents score (and 1x we fumbled on play #3....see K2 fumble).


That gives the D a chance to rest and regroup before taking the field again...and is crucial in stopping big scoring runs.


I know that the D has struggled DESPITE THIS...but imagine what would be occurring without it!!!

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John, awesome stats as usual.


Scores are key but it would also be interesting to see how many drives went, let's say, 3 minutes or more after an opponent's score, even without us scoring.


The point is the same: letting the D breathe/regroup is key.

Vs Denver we responded with drives over 3 minutes after scores 4 out of 6 times...the other 2 were the fumble and the endo of the game (only 1:24 left)....so basically 4 out of 5 times.


Vs Buffalo we responded with drives over 3 minutes after scores only 1x, but scored on 2 others giving us a score on 3 out of the 4.

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