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Michelle Obamao - throws her kids under the bus...


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Her kids were, as it should be, left alone. Unlike Palins' kids, of course.


But, when Obamao is losing support, even from Dems in Congress, and across the country,


this historically worst first lady decides to use her kids in a gambit to get that support


enlivened again, raise those popularity points.


But, it has backfired. She is a two-faced, dishonest, anything goes manipulator.


Say, they do make a perfect couple, though, eh?


(too bad there isn't any extremist libs around to diss ACB News as a right wing attack machine. @@




Did Michelle Obama Send the Wrong Message With Obesity Comments?

First Lady's Mention of Daughters While Discussing Obesity Triggers Debate



Feb. 5, 2010—


Michelle Obama has earned accolades for making healthy living and eliminating childhood obesity a priority as first lady. But when it came down to personalizing the issue in relation to her daughters, the remarks touched a nerve with some, and praise from others.


The first lady made the issue of healthy eating personal last week at an event in Alexandria, Va., where she kicked off a campaign addressing the issue of childhood obesity.


"We went to our pediatrician all the time," Obama said. "I thought my kids were perfect -- they are and always will be -- but he [the doctor] warned that he was concerned that something was getting off balance."


"I didn't see the changes. And that's also part of the problem, or part of the challenge. It's often hard to see changes in your own kids when you're living with them day in and day out," she added. "But we often simply don't realize that those kids are our kids, and our kids could be in danger of becoming obese. We always think that only happens to someone else's kid -- and I was in that position."


Obama said the doctor suggested she first look at her daughters' body mass index (BMI). The minor changes she subsequently made in their daily habits, Obama said, made all the difference.


The first lady's comments have stirred up the Web and medical world, and have drawn both criticism and praise. Some say Obama should not have personalized the issue and brought up her daughters. Even if it is for the greater public good, critics say, it does not bode well for their self-image. Others say the first lady used that example only to connect to Americans who may find themselves in a similar position.


The first lady's office would not comment on the criticism.

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"Love me, let me influence my husbands support from falling further because he's blowing it completely, because


I will humiliate my two daughters to "reach out" ...



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