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Can You Hear The Crack Of The Bat Yet?


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Some of us are burried in snow and are about to be pounded like steak yet again but there is hope. I am envisioning green grass, the warm sun and that great phrase: Play ball!


Today, amidst the snow, in downtown Cleveland, the equipment trucks were at Progressive Field. They were loaded up and are off to Arizona. Spring Training starts in 18 days folks!!! Yay. :D



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I have a bad feelin about this year, no pitching at all.....Good thing thou is looks like the twins really are the only one who lloks to be any good this year. hope and a prayer for a great year


If I wasn't feeling lazy, I'd do a comparison of the Twins vs. Indians starting pitchers. I really can't imagine the Twins' rotation is that much better than ours, given some luck and good defense...and that's not even factoring in a Fausto bounceback (or a Liriano bounceback, granted).


It just seems like Minnesota's guys who should be solid #3 type starters are actually playing like solid #3 type starters.....while our guys who should be solid #3 starters are playing like minor leaguers.


But....I still think a rotation with Huff, Laffey and Masterson has more potential than people give it credit for. We'll have to see how long the Sowers/Talbot experiments last though.

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