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What to do...


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Draft? Develop? Sign a FA? Trade? Combination of these?


The Browns have some options when it comes to the QB situation. Now, I'm sure Mike has his plan in motion already as far as addressing this but lets play arm chair GM for a bit.(I'm having withdrawls already)


Draft/Develop? Well, Is there first round talent worthy of Clevelands #7 pick? In my opinion I dont think so. What about later on? Sure there is value but I'm not sold on there being potential "franchise" QB's. And, if there is, it will be AT LEAST a 3 year project IF they can get the right mentor in there to bring him along. One think that would work for the browns is Mike's "knowledge" in this area. So, while the total success rate in the NFL in this area is not high it may very well be with Mike in charge.


Sign a FA? this goes hand in hand with the draft/develop method. Well, who do we have available? Lets take a look at the list of options:

-Charle Batch

-Kyle Boller

-Mark Brunell

-Jason Campbell

-David Carr

-Kellen Clemens

-Brodie Croyel

-Daunte Culpepper

-A.J. Feeley

-Charlie Frye

-Jeff Garcia

-Bruce Grad

-Rex Grossman

-Matt Gutierrez

-Gilbren Hamdan

-Tarvaris Jackson

-J.P Losman

-Josh McCown

-Matt Moore

-Kyle Orton

-Chad Pennington

-Patrick Ramsey

-Chris Redman

-Troy Smith

-Brian St. Pierre

-Charlie Whitehurst


I may have missed some or some may not be on the list due to the CBA(I'm confused on). But, on the list who would be a good mentor? Any? Or, who could be a good stop gap until we build every other position and find our guy in future drafts? Questions, questions!


Trade? Well, there has only been two relevent trade options discussed so far...both with Philly QB's. McNabb? How much would the browns give for him? What is too much? Kolb? I pose the same questions.


All in all here is my opinion...First they cut DA. Gone...see ya...too expensive! Second I say persue McNabb. Land him. I dont think we will have to give up too much.(2nd or 3rd + Rogers) So going into 2010 they have McNabb, Quinn, and Ratty. Continue building the O line and recieving corps. This will give us 3 to 5 years to find and develop our franchise QB.


Like I said just my opinion, and I'm sure Mike has his plan in place. One thing is for sure, lots of interresting stuff to come!



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None of the list of FA QBs that you have on your list send thrills up my spine, any more than keeping the 2 guys we got.

I don't think McNabb is leaving Philly.

Perhaps they can find Tom Brady in the 6th round?

Or go get an Arena League QB who becomes the next Kurt Warner?


Im down for just about anything right now!

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