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What do you think of drafting this guy?


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He'd be a great fit, if we didn't desperately need a shut down cb and safety.


I don't what his lack of speed is, but I would love to have him to be drafted by the Cleveland Browns,


but he won't be there later, obviously, and Haden is the guy for the Browns out of need.


It's a tougher choice, maybe for the Browns themselves, who know more than we do.


I have GREAT confidence in their ability to make the absolute right decision. I haven't had it in


any other FO or coaching staff before last year.

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Many think he may be gone by the time it is the Browns turn to draft. If I had my druthers, I'd druther take Suh or Berry, but those guys aren't likely to be at 7.

Then it could come down to what position the powers that be with the Browns, Holmgren, Heckert, Mangini, think is the greater need: a LB or a DB.

The opinion of most is that DB is more vital. I tend to agree. But if McClain is the choice, then I guess all I could say is what another McClain proclaimed: Yippeekieyay MotherF***ers

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He's a great player in the middle & if we got him, I wouldn't be upset. While we can make a great case for drafting a number of guys who are highly rated, I really want Haden. I really believe that shut down corner would have more positive impact on this Brown's team than any other position.

Just one old man's opinion.


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