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Where to get a Quarterback

The Gipper

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Where do most NFL teams get their starting Quarterbacks? The following is a list of the probable starting QBs for each NFL team in 2010 and how they were acquired to the best of my knowledge. Certainly some of these guys may indeed NOT end up being the starting QB for their team next year, but this is my best assumption on the starters:


Cardinals: Matt Leinert 1st round draft pick

Falcons: Matt Ryan 1st round draft pick

Ravens: Joe Flacco 1st round draft pick

Bills: Ryan Fitzpatrick Free agent pickup, originally 7th round pick by Rams

Panthers: Jake Delhomme Free agent pickup, undrafted free agent, spent 2 years with Saints

Bears: Jay Cutler obtained in trade with Denver, 1st round draft pick of Broncos

Bengals: Carson Palmer 1st round draft pick

Browns: Brady Quinn 1st round draft pick (for this purpose, I am making this assumption)

Cowboys: Tony Romo undrafted free agent

Broncos: Kyle Orton obtained in trade with Chicago, original 4th round pick of Bears

Lions: Matt Stafford 1st round draft pick

Packers: Aaron Rodgers 1st round draft pick

Texans: Matt Schaub obtained in trade with Atlanta, original 3rd round pick of Falcons

Colts: Peyton Manning 1st round draft pick

Jaguars: David Garrard 4th round draft pick

Chiefs: Matt Cassell Free agent pickup, original 7th round pick of Pats

Dolphins: Chad Henne 2d round pick

Vikings: Brett Favre, Free agent pickup, original 2d round pick of Falcons

Patriots: Tom Brady 6th round draft pick

Saints: Drew Brees: Free agent pickup, original 2d round pick of Chargers

Giants: Eli Manning 1st round draft pick (in switch of draft picks with Chargers)

Jets: Mark Sanchez 1st round draft pick

Raiders: Jamarcus Russell 1st round draft pick

Eagles: Donovan McNabb 1st round draft pick

Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger 1st round draft pick

Chargers: Philip Rivers 1st round draft pick (in switch of picks with Giants)

49ers: Alex Smith 1st round draft pick

Seahawks: Matt Hasselbeck obtained in trade with Green Bay, original 6th round pick of Packers

Rams: Mark Bulger Free agent pickup, originally 6th round pick of Saints

Bucs: Josh Freeman 1st round draft pick

Titans: Vince Young 1st round draft pick

Redskins: Jason Campbell 1st round draft pick


Here is the breakdown:


18 teams are starting their own 1st round draft pick (I am including Rivers and E. Manning in this group as that trade was literally made the day of the draft and neither of them played for the team that originally drafted them)

3 teams start their own pick from a lower than 1st round (Brady, Henne, Garrard)

4 teams traded for their QB (Cutler, Orton, Hasselbeck, Schaub)

1 QB was an undrafted street free agent with his original team (Romo)

6 teams use Free Agent obtained from other teams (Delhomme, Fitzpatrick, Cassel, Favre, Brees, Bulger)


Of the traded players or FA pickups, only Cutler was a 1st round pick. (Brees and Favre, the two SB winners were 2d rounders)


Probably moral of the story: Get your QB with your First round pick, or get a winning veteran QB in FA.

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