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The basic difference between conservatives and progressives/communists/socialists


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THIS is how American conservatives solves problems and make life better for all of us:


YouTube - Dawn Wells Potato Peeling Video (No need for a peeler)

Click here:



...............THIS is how liberals/communists/socialists/statists solve problems and make us all lose our freedom:


They pass a law that mandates federal funding over all food and the production of all food, and those

who grow it and sell it and process it and transport it......


and they mandate the creation of a 55 million dollar commission to oversee the establishment of a new

government program that manufactures a house sized unit that uses low powered laser beams to burn off

the skins of the potatoes.

Each of the units cost 3 MILLION dollars.


Then, all American households will be required to have one installed in their homes, and they will pay

300 bucks a month for the utility which will help those unable to pay to have one.


After all, if you oppose this plan, the leftists will simply say "you want poor people to starve",

and "something had to be done. People were hungry"

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Thanks, Guys !


Btw, Bill Clinton has officially declared that man made


global warming is a fraud:









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In Italy and Greece, nude statues can take a leak into a fountain.


But here, we can't have snowwomen with no clothes on. @@

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