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Reasonable price

The Gipper

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On a number of threads we here will often refer to something such as ..."yea, I will take so and so, but only if we can get him at a reasonable price".

But remember this: As of today, the Collective Bargaining Agreement is expired, and along with it, the salary cap.

The only discussion we should be having about a "reasonable price" for something is if the Browns would have to give up a player or a draft pick in trade. Money now is no object. At least it is no object to us fans. It may be somewhat of an object to Randy Lerner because it is his, and only his, money that is being spent.

Under salary cap rules it was important to know if the salary some supposed acquisition was making would fit into the team's cap space. Now, that is irrelevent.

Just don't tell us we are trading Joe Thomas for Elmer Fudd, or that we are giving up our first or second round draft pick for Homer Simpson. Otherwise, Randy can spread money around like Elvis spread around the peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

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