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Danger and violence from the left


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Glenn Beck: Violence from the left?

[/color]March 5, 2010 - 13:22 ET


GLENN: We yesterday was kind of a big day for education. National Day of Action to Defend Education. There were national calls for action. This sent thousands of people out into the streets, California, there were people in Wisconsin, there were people in Illinois. There was violence involved. UC Berkeley probably was the biggest. David Horowitz is here with me now. Hi, David.


HOROWITZ: Morning, Glenn.


GLENN: David, you were part of the 1960s generation that, you know, you were a useful idiot. Would you agree with that?


HOROWITZ: (Laughing). Well, I thought of myself as more than that.


GLENN: No, but I mean, that's what Stalin


HOROWITZ: I was a Marxist revolutionary. That's the way I would have described myself. And I was a leader of the new left and edited its largest magazine. And what the new left was, you know, was created, it was a disintegration of the Communist Party really because of the revelations about Stalin coming from Kruschev. So what happened was that the movement, it was a lot of groups. What you see in these protests is hundreds of groups. We used to call it the hydraheaded monster and we created it too fool people that we had different agendas from the from what the communists had. But actually they're the same agendas, that corporations are evil, we want socialism, we want the government to own everything and control everything and create social justice. And that's what happened yesterday.


If you look down the organizations, they were all in a coalition called Defend Education. But if you look at them, for example, there's one, Bail Out the People Movement, bail out the people, not the banks. This is a front group for the for International Answer, which is a pro North Korea Communist Party. I mean, it's a Bolshevik party that demonstrated the anti Iraq organizations. It was the leading organizer.


GLENN: I remember that.


HOROWITZ: Yeah, you have something called Anakbayan. There's a lot of those, which means sons and daughters of the people. If you look at the movement, you know how they support Hamas and Hezbollah, the terrorists. They have got this campaign to stop the U.S. military occupation of Haiti. This is what I call the neocommunist core of the progressive movement. The progressive movement includes fellow, what I would call fellow travelers. I mean, there are a lot of people who are on the left who would understand that there's a lot of crazies in the movement. And then you have SDS, you know, which is a violent campus organization.


GLENN: SDS, SDS is where the Weather Underground came from.


HOROWITZ: That's right, yes.


GLENN: Right.


HOROWITZ: They were all SDS. They got elected to the SDS leadership and then they said we're going underground and we're going to, we're going to you know, we're going to be authentic revolutionaries. We're not just going to scream revolutionary slogans. We're going to actually blow things up. That was their


GLENN: What's the


HOROWITZ: There are a lot of groups in here like that. There's MEChA which wants to take back the southwest, is a racist organization. They call the southwest Aztlán, which I think is an Aztec name.


GLENN: Well, I love the logo of this organization because it has the eagle with a stick of dynamite in its claw.


HOROWITZ: Well, yeah. I mean, I actually, I like the out front people.


GLENN: Yeah. Me, too.


HOROWITZ: They tell you


GLENN: They're much better than, they are much better than what we have in the White House right now, the Van Jones of the world.


HOROWITZ: That's right.


GLENN: That are I mean, is there any doubt in your mind that Van Jones because I've read what some of these people are calling for. It's exactly what Van Jones is calling for. Is there any doubt in your mind that Van Jones is as radical as these groups?


HOROWITZ: Of course he is. You can always as somebody who came out of the left, I can you know, I can tell you if you turn against it, if you understand how evil it is and destructive and it wants to destroy America and you don't want to do that, you do what I did. I mean, you get out and you denounce them and you work against them. It's very easy to tell who's an authentic a person who's authentically had different ideas and somebody who's just concealing the same agendas, you know, with a front. And that's what Van Jones is.


GLENN: I was in a cab I was at a cab yesterday and the cabdriver was from Russia, former Soviet Union. And he said finally he just pulled over to drop me off and he said, Mr. Beck, I want you to know I am a very big fan. And I said, thank you very much, sir. And he said, people in America, they don't understand. We talked for a little while about the code language. He said even my daughter now, he came before the fall of the Soviet Union. He said, even my daughter who is in college now is falling for the code language, and she doesn't believe me. And I keep telling her, listen, this is the code language of the Soviet Union. Agree or disagree, David?


HOROWITZ: Absolute I call them neocommunists. We have a term, you know, neoliberals, neoconservatives, neo Nazis. These are neocommunists. Same agendas, different faith. Like parents who are members of the Communist Party never refer to themselves as communists. They were always progressives. The slogan of the Communist Party at the height under Stalin was peace, jobs and democracy. That was the Communist Party slogan. But you can look, if you just go down the list of these organizations. And let me just say not only are there these, you know, fight imperialism and so forth but there's the American Federation of Teachers, there's all these graduate


GLENN: There's unions.


HOROWITZ: Unions. There's the department of English at Penn State. Indiana university is one of the


GLENN: David, are the unions you watch the TV show, right?




GLENN: Yes. Have you seen the language that we've been showing people lately from Andy Stern, with the workers of the world?


HOROWITZ: Andy Stern is an old SDS radical. He's a Leninist. The two, what I would you know, the two communist unions, aside from the teacher unions would be the SEIU and ASME, which is the municipal employees which is also here.


GLENN: It's a sponsor of this.


HOROWITZ: You know, when there were antiglobalization riots, they're there. They're part of this movement. There's a good one that I like here: Destroy Industry in Raleigh, North Carolina. I mean, that tells you what they're about. It's just terrible.


GLENN: David, how much I said earlier today, we played this Bald Communist. Play this for David, will you, Pat, the Bald Communist? Listen to this.


VOICE: And this is part of the thing is I don't think we're going to be meeting people's day to day needs and I don't think we have to help this capitalist system which has met the needs of American working people on the backs of third world plantations for my whole lifetime. We don't have to help that. We have to help bring this government down. We have to help destroy this system and that requires increasing the alienation that working class and oppressed people feel.

HOROWITZ: Yeah. Glenn, yeah, I saw that tape. And thank you for bringing that to light. What this guy is saying is what everybody on the left believes. It's very hard to convey this to people. People, Americans, it's just very benign and tolerant and they're always giving people the benefit of the doubt. What this guy is saying is what they believe. He has the poor judgment to say it on tape. But this is what


GLENN: Thank God.


HOROWITZ: What everybody who wants to change the world, what else could they be thinking? You know, there are ways of changing the world which is that you tell people, you know, we want to create a society where the government controls everything, and you put it up for a vote. In a democracy you put it up for a vote. But these people have these hidden agendas and that's what makes them so dangerous.


GLENN: So David, let me ask you two questions. The first one is, my theory is the people that are your generation that were part of SDS, that were part of the radical left back in the 1960s, they now are the ruling class and they are in congress, they are in the White House, they are in business. They're everywhere. They have power. And they're also very sly now because they're undercover. These people are at the top and they understand because they did it themselves, they understand now what they didn't have in the 1960s was power at the top. So now they can stir up the hate and the students and bring the student activists into play, get them going while they apply pressure at the top and they pop the middle. Does that sound reasonable to you?


HOROWITZ: Well, yeah. I think there's a little bit more complicated, but you have absolutely described what is. That is, the people who were in the movement, we used to call it the movement in the Sixties now are running the government and they run the New York Times and the Washington Post. All those people were part of the left, of the Sixties. And their agendas are the same as these other people. Their tactics are different. So I don't I think some of them are, you know, embarrassed by this kind of radicalism. Certainly by that guy who you have on tape. They feel he is hurting their cause. We want to conceal, we want to conceal the agendas of the cause.


GLENN: Right. But their agenda is


HOROWITZ: But their agendas are identical because, look, to defend the free market system, you defend private property, you defend individual rights and you oppose group collective rights, or you don't. And we saw all these so called liberals and progressives, they are against the First Amendment, they attacked the Supreme Court decision which was a basic First Amendment decision. They are for they're racists. They are for racial references that is privileging certain designated groups who they call oppressed. I mean, they've corrupted our laws that way. And they are for socialism.


GLENN: Okay.


HOROWITZ: Obviously there wouldn't be this unbelievable push for a healthcare plan that, you know, a vast majority of people does not want if they didn't have these agendas. They want control. It's about control.


GLENN: David, hold on just a second because I have to take a quick break and then I'm going to come back and I want to ask you this one question and that is, how much danger are we in from the extreme radical left if things like healthcare don't pass? If this, if this movement now breaks down, how much danger is the country in? Back in just a second.


(OUT 10:49)


GLENN: Back with David Horowitz, we have a special tonight on indoctrination, video you must, must see, things that are going on in your country that you had absolutely no idea. I asked David before we went into the break, I'm concerned about this extreme left because as Andy Stern said, you know, we want our money's worth. These people have put a lot of time, a lot of attention, a lot of manpower, a lot of money behind this agenda, specifically healthcare, and counted on Barack Obama. They are starting to mobilize in kind of violent ways. How much trouble are we in, David, if this thing starts to fall apart with Barack Obama and healthcare isn't passed?


HOROWITZ: I think the potential for violence and actually disastrous violence is very real and that is because these first of all, these are violent groups and they will commit violent acts. But much more serious is that they are integrated with our terrorist enemies. They have networks and their ideology links them into the Islamic jihad. I've written a book about this called Unholy Alliance. I actually, I mean, I have experience of this. I mean, I was a very intellectual leftist. I never threw a rock. But as the editor of Ramparts magazine, which is the biggest magazine of the left, I was approached by an editorial board was approached by a defector from our intelligence services. And we printed national secrets in the magazine and, of course, nothing, nothing happened to us. We were advised by I was advised actually by Harvard law professor, still a professor of constitutional law on exactly how to commit treason.

GLENN: Holy cow.


HOROWITZ: So this mentality, I'm telling you the revolutionary mentality, the idea that you can change the world or change America fundamentally, which is what Obama said, is a very, very dangerous mentality.

GLENN: All right. David, I've got to run. Thank you so much. We'll talk again. I'd like to follow up some more with you in the coming days on Andy Stern and his connection to SDS. Back in just a second.



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I talked about leftists wanting control, and how badly they want it, and will use the bogus health care,

and mmgw, ... etc... to get it.


And now, David Horowitz is talking about it.


Seriously. Read what Horowitz is saying, you don't have to take it from me. Our America, our freedoms, our way of life, our standard of living..... is in big, big trouble.

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Now, I am not trying to be funny,


I am being very, very serious.


Here's a link - it's Glenn Beck showing a video of some American communist leader...


"we will take your insurances companies, and we'll TAKE YOUR FARMS, and we will take down

your military apparatus"........


You don't have to listen to Glenn Beck - just turn the sound down, but turn it back up, please,

and listen to this communist.




then consider... Obama has SAID, he wants a "civilian security force"


They want to slowly put in place, the failure of our country, and take our freedoms.


... Obama has lived his entire life being influenced by America haters, and communists and socialists.


"Change the Face of America"....


Just think about it. Let me know, if you still think it's just me goofing around. @@


I'm not. I very seriously say, beware, we are in very, very serious danger.

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This is indescribably dumb.


We went over this idiotic "civilian security force" nonsense months ago. The difference is you can show Kosar or John (one of them posted about this) the whole quote, and since they're not clueless rubes who can't understand what they read, they read it and instantly realized there was nothing there, and that this paranoid right-wing fixation with Obama's supposed "civilian security force" is a total canard. And then they stop worrying about it, like regular people. Because all Obama was talking about was paying attention to the other instruments at the government's disposal and not just the military, as anyone with half a brain could tell you.


Whereas with you two bozos now we're going to see the quote again, and endure more testimony about how we're all totally wrong, and that Obama really does want to arm a domestic security force like Hitler did. Something, something, ACORN. Something, something, Alinsky.


Have fun with Glenn Beck's indoctrination special, though. And T, resist those urges to shoot up the Pentagon/the IRS.

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You are so full of it.


Its time you get out and get some sunshine, come up out of your lair Heck. your mom needs you to go outside and do some chores. And if you are a good boy she will buy you some more jelly beans.


Below is Hecks Lair


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The point you intentionally, I think?, ignore,


is the video of the bald communist.


it is NOT a video of Obamao saying his "security force" thing.


It's another guy, who is talking about taking over the hc insurance companies


and FARMS.


Communist. Like Van Jones.


think about it.

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Cal, it scares people like Heck when we post evidence that shows how the progressives/commis have infiltrated the workings of our government. And especially when these people such as Van Jones are brought forward in the main stream media and are exposed for who they are.


Ole Heck wants americans to go back to sleep, he also is using the tactic of trying to paint those who show the news as being paranoid fearful people. Nice trick Heck.


But the only problem is everyone knows Heck's paranoia is freedom of speech freedom of uncontroled news. Remember the pen is mightier than the sword.





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Van Jones IS a communist, Heck.



The communist IS a communist - the one who is in the video.


Did you WATCh the video, Heck?


Yes or no.


Do you think I made it up?


How many times can you deny that Americans who are very worried about


where this country is going, have a very solid case of evidence to bank their beliefs on?


And why are you "laughing" it all off?


What Do you believe, if anything at all?


ALL of the rest of us have reasons for what we believe.


You don't. You seem to just attack, argue, name call.. with no substance.


DID you watch the video, do you agree with the bald communist? You think I invented that


video, or what?

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Oh, I don't have any doubt that you two idiots think the government has been infiltrated by Communists. That's the whole point! You two actually believe that. That's what makes it funny.


Then to prove your point, you point to a former radical turned business man who held a position of little importance in the administration ...in a post that quotes a former radical turned right-wing noisemaker whose hyperbolic claims make a lot of noise, but no sense. I know you guys don't see your flaw here, but give it another look. It's one of many.


Yes, good thing you guys and Glenn Beck caught Van Jones when you did. If he were still in government he might have ...given a speech about solar panels. And by that I mean take over the government and replace it with communism.


You're just ignorant rubes who like to play this game - imagining that you're the true patriots who are vital to the defense of our Constitution and our free market system, while everyone on the other side is a Commie thug coming after your way of life.


It's really not like that. But I don't want to take the helium out of the balloon, so go nuts. Literally. But, like I said to T, try not to shoot anyone over it.

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Your assertions are off-base, as most always, and self-grandiosing, as always.


do we really need to post the videos of what the people around Obamao have said?


Have Van Jones as your hero if you want to. To me, and most Americans, he's a screwball,


and has little use for our capitialism, our Constitution, our who we are as Americans.


You just automatically defend everything Obamao does and says, even when he completely


discredits himself with contradictions...


Perhaps you'd love to have Jeremiah Wright as your roommate. Or Van Jones.


Mr. Jellybean, for wanting to talk about politics, you really don't. And your arrogance


is laughable and should be pretty embarrasing to you.


If you can't refute something, you just ignore it and continue arguing over symantics.


I see several jig saw pieces played in the puzzle.


You have your eyes closed, and won't see anything.


Too bad, but you're a coward, when it comes to intellectual honesty. You can't even


manufacture some courage to admit you watched the video of the bald communist.


Everything bad about Bush, everything wonderful about ObaMao. We get what you're saying.


You're a coward.

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Haha. Okay. Van Jones and Jeremiah Wright. A reformed radical who held a rather meaningless position in the administration and a pastor who never held any position in the administration. Clearly, the government is being taken over by communists.


I stand corrected.


It's always fun being lectured on math by people who think 2+2=17.



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Yes, T. What question is it that you'd like to ask me? Is it the one about me trying to control your freedoms? Take away your guns? Something about how the White House has been infiltrated by commies?


What tin foil hat conspiracy theories are you wasting your/our time with today?


Maybe Cal could enlighten us on why he compares our president to a Chinese communist revolutionary who slaughtered 50 million people. Then you can remind me again how serious you are, and how I'm looking the other way on the impending leftist overthrow of our free market system.


Maybe we can talk more about Anita Dunn, that crazy woman who quoted Mao because she worships him and wants to see his brand of communism take over the White House!





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Once again, Mr. Jellybean, (from now on also nicknamed "poofy" ...


I didn't compare Obama to Mao.


But Obama has radicals in his admin.


Several. Radicals who are really radical,


and very strange.


ask yourself, if you are able to be self aware enough...




I haven't figured out if it's true that a Mao "Christmas ornament"


was on the WH tree...


Obama's entire life is affected by his upbringing.


His communist father, the communist pedafile in Hawaii, Frank - his mentor, Wright - his mentor, his favorite


socialist professors (Obama admitted they were his favorite), Obama's belief


that our Constitution is a flawed, negative document, his friendship with terrorist Bill Ayers,


and the funding of his political career in Chicago, via Bill Ayers' father, Obama


studied and taught the writings of Saul Alinski, won't release his grades or any documents


from college, the dirty dealings of Tony Rezko and Obama's association with him........ I could go on and on.


"Civilian Security Force". We have plenty of those already. FBI, Police forces all over the country, etc.


But, none of them answers to Obama. @@


Now, Heck, you tell us why Obama is totally a great president, and isn't any kind of socialist, or radical,


and is not corrupt.

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You compare Obama to Mao every day, Cal. You call him "Obamao" in every post. Much like you compared Hillary Clinton to Hitler by calling her "Hitlery." It's idiotic and hardly a surprise coming from someone like you. And if you're embarrassed by it you should stop doing it. But pretending that you don't do it - and every day, in every post - is a bit chickenshit.


As for the rest of it, I really can't waste my time on someone who is so dense that he actually believes what you just wrote. Judging by your continued mention of the specter of Obama's "civilian security force" it's clear it won't do any good.


As if I didn't know that already. You're the dumbest man I've ever come across in my entire life.

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No, I'm just the most stubborn. I have values, and when I see a skunk, I laugh at people like you,


who deny it's a skunk, even after you eventually get sprayed. No, I don't compare him to Mao,


but communist connections in Obama's entire life, and the screwball radicals in his circle of czars and appointees,


and all the rest, paints a picture, Mr. Jellybean.


You look at everything with one eye shut and the other eye closed.


All your denial is just puking up whatever you are told to believe in in your political job.


All some of us have been saying, is the associations, appointees, Obama's own words and actions,


etc, etc etc etc etc etc...


paints a picture. We see trends.


There were Germans who refused to believe that Jews were being tortured and murdered in


the camps... right up until they couldn't deny it anymore. Reality bit hard back when nazi collarborators had to face


the truth.


You seem to me, to be just like that, Heck. Laugh, deny, stay with what works for you personally.


Ignore everything, because you can get ahead by denying any wrong is going on, denying that anyone in power


is corrupt.... because, you keep getting paid, and you are afraid...


...while the truth is somewhere you aren't. But well over half the country is very, very concerned, and


really unhappy with what Obama has been doing. And millions and millions of people are buying a gun, and


many of them are getting concealed carry permits, EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T OWN A GUN.


Ask yourself "Why", and see if you muster up enough honesty to come up with the right answer.


Feel free to try to say "I am just a goof" or "T is just a goof" or "Steve is just a goof" or "K is just a goof"..


"tea party people are goofs"...


but we're talking millions and millions of Americans who are very concerned.


So many millions, it's a majority of Americans. That's a fact.

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You don't like that? Well, I didn't like the slur you mentioned, about me "not shooting somebody" or whatever it was exactly.


See? I've been trying to get you to understand, how you progreesives do.


Alienate, instigate, demonize and ignore everything that makes your partisan crap look like.. crap.


IMHO, you are just here to be experimenting with Saul Alinski's rules for radicals.


won't work here.


we don't do cults.

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No, T. It's that what you post about and write about is indistinguishable from the type of fringe rants that turn up after each of these people shoots up a government installation or crashes a plane into the IRS building. In some instances, yours are even more deranged, and more detached from reality.


And I don't know what is it you imagine you're going to hold me accountable for. It's just more of you living in your fantasy world.



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I'm not accusing "people" of anything. I'm accusing you. I'm saying your postings in here put you way, way out on the fringe of American politics, and look exactly like the paranoid, anti-government ramblings of each of the last few homegrown nuts who has shot up a government installation.


I'm saying your views are straight out of that same lunatic fringe. Yes, that's what I'm saying.



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I'm not accusing "people" of anything. I'm accusing you. I'm saying your postings in here put you way, way out on the fringe of American politics, and look exactly like the paranoid, anti-government ramblings of each of the last few homegrown nuts who has shot up a government installation.


I'm saying your views are straight out of that same lunatic fringe. Yes, that's what I'm saying.



And your a Liar! ............You just made an accusation.

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Does bold type mean you mean business? Ooh.


T, I really don't know what you're getting at half the time, or what kind of gotcha moment you think you've stumbled on here, as if I regret something I've written. I really don't. Yes, I really hope you keep your paranoid fringe beliefs to yourself and don't act on any of them. Please don't. Just realize you're way, way out there. It'd be the first step.


I don't want to have to report you to Interpol. See those black helicopters outside? Guess who they're monitoring (from the UN)?

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Heck have you fallen of of the wagon again? Is it booze or pills this time?



You are acting like a guy who has been on a 3 day drunk.



Please dont go crawling into a bottle because youre idiotic excuses for Obama have been diproved. If you need an intervention hotline just call 911




I am sure they can get you into therapy.

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