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Camp T.O


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Well there is going to be lots of room in this camp I'm sure..that's ok we can have it spacious in here.


Getting T.O makes alot of sense for the Browns.



The reasons why:


There isn't much ( or any) demand for his services, can be had at a reasonable price without mortgaging the future.


We get our #1 WR(which we truly truly need), and he wants to be a #1. Mo Mass needs some time at the 2WR before he can blossom.


Heckert and him have past experience, and except for the Mcnabb / Owens fiasco he came back after 4 weeks on a broken for his TEAM. That has to say something. Heckert should at least consider this option for a #1 wideout


He wasn't a problem in Buffalo.



The reasons why not:


He's a prima donna douche.



BUT If your playing professional football, you're paid to execute. You're paid to win and do your job. I don't give a shit if he think he's too cool to hang out with you post practice or doesn't accept a mentor role..you can find others to do that.


I think T.O would be very valuable here as far as putting out a successful product on the field...and that is the bottom line and why I'm in camp T.O


All aboard?






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By no means am I saying we should pick him up but he impressed me last year. He had decent production giving his age and the QB throwing him the ball. More importantly the guy actually kept his mouth shut. If we were contenders I would love to risk it but were not and we need develop young talent and bring in positve role model type FA to build for the future. If we have a decent draft we could be a playoff team in a couple years. The foundation is looking pretty promising IMO.

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Do you really think we would allow him in our locker room and ruin what we have going so far?? We go after good charachter guys!!!!!!!


T.O isn't going to drink and drive, doesn't beat down ladies, doesn't get arrested. He is a bad character guy in the sense that he doesn't help his teammates develop...my arguement is that if good solid coaching and system are around him this shouldn't be the inhibitor.


36 is the big question mark, but when you are as conditioned as he is, I don't think you see that linear drop in speed like you do with most WR's. He went through that already..his 20's speed has been gone for a while now.


Strength is a huge asset for him and one of the best all time WR's (wether you like it or not) could be had on the cheap if we are to contend.



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