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Mike Holmgren says Brady Quinn's future with the Cleveland Browns depends on other QB moves


By Tony Grossi


March 12, 2010, 4:57PM


Joshua Gunter, The Plain DealerMike Holmgren"It all depends on what else we can do," Holmgren told The Plain Dealer on Friday. "We are continuing to look for and evaluate quarterbacks."


Holmgren said that he has not closed the door on signing free agent Jake Delhomme, who left the Browns without a contract to visit the New Orleans Saints. Delhomme, 35, is undecided about whether he wants to compete for the Browns' starting job or finish his career as Drew Brees' backup with his hometown team.

"Delhomme is an ongoing discussion ... he still is on radar," Holmgren said. "But I did tell this to Jake: while you're debating what you want to do, I've got to keep going. We're not just sitting on our hands waiting for something to happen.

"I don't want to be left standing at the altar."


Holmgren insisted he did not -- and would not -- promise Delhomme a starting job.

"I told him when I met with him that we'll never say that to a free agent guy, tell him, 'You're the starter,'" Holmgren said. "I think if you promise guys those things, and then something happens (to change that), then you have a disgruntled player. We're not going to do that.

"I think if we're competing with New Orleans, I think it's safe to say he will not be the starter in New Orleans. I think he certainly has the potential to be the starter here."

Although the Browns have signed three free agents -- offensive tackle Tony Pashos, linebacker Scott Fujita and tight end Ben Watson -- reshaping the quarterback roster continues to be the central focus of the club.


So far, the Browns traded a conditional seventh-round pick in 2011 for Seattle backup Seneca Wallace and then parted ways the next day with Derek Anderson.

Holmgren said another trade is possible -- if Delhomme isn't signed -- and "anything we do in free agency does not preclude drafting one. I'm kind of keeping all the avenues open."

All of which puts Quinn's roster status on hold. Quinn has not been heard from since the 2009 season ended. Sources have told The Plain Dealer that he would welcome a trade if he's not going to be given a chance to start after three years with the Browns.

Holmgren does not think Quinn's psyche has been damaged by all the quarterback chatter and the lack of endorsement shown the 2009 opening game starter.

"This is the big boy's league," Holmgren said. "You have to be tough mentally to play in this league period and particularly at quarterback. I suspect Brady's a really tough competitor. I don't think any of this stuff bothers him."


In commenting on Anderson, Holmgren cited his "sizable contract," but indicated he wouldn't be in the team's plans regardless.

"I think a fresh start (was needed) for everybody. No one's at fault here. He had a sizable contract, that was true. I think this just works out better for him," Holmgren said.

Holmgren sounded as if he was aware the trade for Wallace hasn't knocked anybody's socks off when he talked up the seven-year backup to Matt Hasselbeck.

"It's no secret I've always enjoyed Seneca," he said. "He's a better player than people think he is. He really can throw the ball. People had the tendency to put him in a box.

"He's a pretty good player at quarterback and he can do some other things. I think he had a little bit of a bum rap at times in Seattle. We had a lot of guys injured when he had to play. He'd do anything (for me). I told him there will be competition for the position. It's open. He's excited about coming."


Reminded that he previously has stated he was against holding an "open competition" at quarterback, Holmgren said there is a difference in what he is trying to do.

"The difference is you set up the criteria and how you're going to judge, but then you make a decision," he said. "You don't go into the season alternating quarterbacks."

No matter the final field, Holmgren said he hoped that a starter would be named some time before training camp.

"But I'm going to kind of set the table, and then it's really Coach (Eric) Mangini's call," he said.

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Guest Metcalf_FTW

Having a guy like Holmgren in Berea that is straight up and honest should make Tony Grossi's job a lot easier. We all know his opinions are worthless, so at least now we have a direct link to the source with Holmgren talking, unlike with Mangini in the past.

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Having a guy like Holmgren in Berea that is straight up and honest should make Tony Grossi's job a lot easier. We all know his opinions are worthless, so at least now we have a direct link to the source with Holmgren talking, unlike with Mangini in the past.


With the quality and depth of talking points Mike Holmgren has made, it's kind of made me rethink the whole Mangini-press relationship. Imagine that on most teams it's like it is now with the Browns: GM, Coach and perhaps an owner or "czar" but the point being that the media attention is divided. Last year, Kokinis was less than willing to participate and neither did Lerner (unless you count DogPound Mike) so all of the scrutiny and questioning was placed on Mangini who actually did have a coaching job to do. Don't know if that's the right way to think about it or not but I think he's probably relieved that he has company at the podium.

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