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NO, I cannot draw unemployment


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So, a while back, I had said that contractors/subcontracting consultants cannot not draw unemployment.


Heck said I could.


I cannot. Well, unless the contractor through the consultant company paid into the system,


which, of course, they do not - that would be about 9,000 dollars.


Anyways, I can't. Consultants pay into their own retirement.


that's what I have always understood. but, naturally, Heck called me out wrongly.


I was correct again.


I had called the unemployment office, and a person who didn't know that, told me I could.


But, this morning, after all my applying, a person who knows what the hell she was talking about ...


explained that.


So, Heck, if you could give me your phone # in an email, I would be glad to forward it to her,


so she can explain to you how you are full of crap and should be badly embarrassed, and how you commonly


completely talk about of your arse.


Thanks so much,


Cal :angry:

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Well, the last time I became obsolete (Foxpro @@), I was unemployed, and they told me


consultants don't qualify for help.


so, if that had changed, I could have applied months ago.


Then, the lady today was kinda rude in explaining I shouldn't have bothered


to apply, since "nobody would have told me that consultants can simply get unemployment".


so, I try to be great on the phone, and calmly explained that, yes, someone assured me I could.


crap. "sigh"


ah well, like my wonderful cute Wife says - My job is farming. I think we are going to have over 900 tomato plants


this year. this year's garden is going to be awesome.

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Begging? Maybe beg for work, the biggest problem at the present time is that it is an employers market and the employer doesn't have to pay the same wage he did a year ago.



Plant a lot of food and sell it.

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Oh, I'll keep busy working to accrue significant skills to join this guy's web site design corp this summer.


The farmer's markets will be big.


And, farming - soybeans, etc, hay will get going this summer...


And frog legs from the bog. Those are pretty expensive at restaurants....



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hey, I could subcontract as an entertainer for you in the winters.


There's my harmonica, and my guitar...



You could use some comic relief at beer break time. :rolleyes:

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