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Who is the most overrated player in the NFL?


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my friend (a Bears fan) and I were having a good argument about players we thought were extremely overrated. I thought it'd be interesting to see who everyone thinks is THE most overrated player, and why


For me without a doubt it's Jay Cutler. Everyone considers the guy a top 10 QB, when honestly he hasn't shown anything to prove he should be considered in the top 20. He can make all the throws sure, but he makes awful, awful decisions and is extremely arrogant and cocky. Not to mention he literally hasn't been a winner since high school.



Remember, these are just opinions, so no need to get pissed at people. So, what do you guys think?

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Santana Moss

Matt Cassel



JaMarcus Russel, Heyward Bey, but thats pretty obvious




Carson Palmer

Ben I cant keep my hands to myself Roethlisberger



Vince Young


and whoever said haynesworth is overrated clearly has not watched him play

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Brett Favre - not saying he's not a great QB, I just think he gets way too much media attention. I'm sick of hearing about Favre's greatness even during games he has no connection to.


Braylon Edwards - Browns fans knew this already, but Jets fans got a taste this year.


Mark Sanchez - can't believe he was getting credit for taking the Jets to the AFCG, that was all the Defense/OL/RBs doing. He did good for a rookie though.

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The entire Ratbird offense


did anyone really talk about their offense last year outside of Ray Rice? If anything I'd say ravens defense is way overrated. They are coasting on the reputation of their past teams.

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