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weirdest thing you've ever planted?

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I recently planted an onion that had started sprouting in the refrigerator, even after it was cut in half. I couldn't stand to throw it away when it displayed such a will to live. It's doing good, I moved it from the pot to the ground a few days ago. I'm trying to grow a pineapple from the top of one I bought a while back but it hasn't rooted yet. I need to get a fence so I can attempt a real garden.

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You have to cut the very top of the pineapple off, keeping just the


stem and the leaves. I found out yesterday, that you are supposed to


let the stems dry for a few days, then put them in water to have the stems take root.


Then you can plant them in a container with dirt.


Takes about two years to develop a pineapple.


I planted a fig bush in our orchard. But I forgot about it, and ran over it with the lawn mower.

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I once planted myself into an America-hating socialist professor's sociolgy class.


I was visiting Kent State with a friend.


But I didn't grow on her - I challenge her crap, got a standing ovation from


the rest of the class... and she realized I was a big weed and flew into a rage.


so, she kicked me out, but some hippie threw open the door before I got out of my seat,


and said that the National Guard just killed a bunch of students.


It was May 4th, 1970.

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