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Who has faith in quinn?

Dawgs of Hell

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why bash BQ ?


He is going under the development of a QB coach who is using the same system that was used in ND. Im sure BQ will do better with the Broncos than he did with the Browns.



I totally agree he will do better there but until he loses some of that bulk, he will NEVER be a good QB. Have you ever seen a body builder run? Throw? Put their arms down? All of that bulk I swear has ruined his throwing motion. The guy simply cannot throw accurately as long as he has all of that bulk. I am also convinced it effects his velocity. I know guys with speghetti arms who can just rifle a football. Its not muscle, its physics. And the size of those pythons has jacked up this guy's mechanics.


I hope he does well as he has had a bad run here but I just have never seen him do anything in college or in the pros that says he can play at this level. Some people point to his few TDs as evidence that he can play. Sorry, but that's not enough for me. The guy looks like a 'roided out High Schooler out there.

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