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Idaho first to sign law AGAINST health care reform


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Idaho first to sign law against health care reform

The Associated Press - 7 hours ago


Idaho Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter addresses the media during a news conference on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 inside his office at the Idaho statehouse in Boise, Idaho. On Wednesday Otter signed a piece of legislation that will require the state of Idaho to sue the federal government upon passage of health care reform which comes as Democrats in Congress hope to pass healthcare reform this weekend. (AP Photo/Charlie Litchfield)

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And don't let Mr. Jellybean tell you that the public option is no more.


It is most certainly still in the background, and they plan on implementing it later.


But they will try now to get as much of the power as they can, to help them


get that public option at another time.

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And if that doesn't astound you, the stuff is going to hit the fan also,


because EXPERTS at Constitutional law say this hc bill "slaughter solution"




Check this out, while you ask yourself, why is Obama pushing the Constitutional crisis?:



Welcome to Landmark Legal Foundation Landmark Legal Foundation to File Suit to Stop President’s Health Plan if ‘Slaughter Rule’ is Used


(LEESBURG, VA, MARCH 17, 2010)…Mark R. Levin, president of Landmark Legal Foundation, today issued a warning to the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives about the possible use of the so-called “deem and pass,” “self-executing,” or “Slaughter Rule” to enact H.R. 3590, the legislative version of President Obama’s healthcare proposal that has been previously approved by the Senate. If this tactic is employed, Landmark will immediately sue the President, Attorney General Eric Holder and other relevant cabinet members to prevent them from instituting this unconstitutional contrivance.


“Landmark has already prepared a lawsuit that will be filed in federal court the moment the House acts. Such a brazen violation of the core functions of Congress simply cannot be ignored. Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution is clear respecting the manner in which a bill becomes law. Members are required to vote on this bill, not claim they did when they didn’t. The Speaker of the House and her lieutenants are temporary custodians of congressional authority. They are not empowered to do permanent violence to our Constitution.”


(A draft of the complaint Landmark will file is available at:






Landmark's Draft "Slaughter Rule" Complaint


Founded in 1976, Landmark Legal Foundation is a nonprofit, public interest law firm with offices in Kansas City, Missouri and Leesburg, Virginia. (END)



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Yeah, it's going to be difficult to claim that this is somehow a states rights issue when these states already enjoy Medicare and Medicaid, both federal single-payer health care programs funded by federal taxes, while this program is a mandate to buy private insurance. These suits are political, not legally viable.


But you guys love the idea of it, which is why they do it.

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Do you notice there isn't any takeover of current PRIVATE insurance?


Come on, Heck, you can do better.


The current bill IS a takeover of all PRIVATE insurance co's.


When the DEM finance director of Mass. says this hc bill, if passed,


will bankrupt our nation in four years. how the hell do you paint THAT


as partisan politics?


Seriously, this bill and the other bill, are bad bills. That's why there has been


so much problem in DEMOCRATS supporting it.

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