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Mr. T

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They have a long way to go and a short time to get there.


They know that they need the mexicans and others from abroad

who are trying to move here to be able to vote for them otherwise they will lose all their power

while 74% of Americans will want to vote the bastards out over signing the HC Bill into law when they opposed it.


Where is the representation of and for the people who are here leagally?


President Obama said Thursday that he would proceed with an overhaul of the immigration system this year if he could attract substantial Republican support. But a leading Republican who supports an overhaul said an immigration bill could not go forward if the president used a legislative shortcut sidestepping Republicans to pass his health care bill.

They're Coming To America‎

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Obama endorses immigration blueprint Here


President Obama on Thursday gave a thumbs-up to the framework of a plan to legalize illegal immigrants and create a flow of low-skilled foreign workers for the future, saying the bill being worked on by a Republican lawmaker and his Democrat counterpart is "promising."


The long-awaited framework, written by Sens. Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, and Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, calls for illegal immigrants to be put on a path to citizenship and would create a temporary program for future foreign workers. Maybe most contentious of all, it would turn all Social Security cards into tamper-proof IDs to be checked by employers when they are about to hire a new worker. The cards would include biometric information designed to prevent counterfeiting — but the senators said the information would not be stored in a government database.

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