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Prayer for today

Mr. T

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Psalm 109:8 (New International Version)


May his days be few;

may another take his place of leadership.


Referred to as the Obama prayer, worst than Jimmy Carter.







The Obama team — both political and economic wings — seems to feel that their base has nowhere else to go, and all they need to do is drift towards the right in a moderately confused fashion to assure re-election for the president.


Jimmy Carter had the same sort of idea.

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Heck you are a instigator of definitions, and you know that this is meant to do with his reign.


But you love to discuss the meaning if "is". dont you.


And you are right, I would love to see obama resign as community organizer and chief. As of now he is pushing at being replaced after one term anyways. Look at his current poll numbers 56% disapprove while only 26% approve.


It must suck to have worse approval numbers than congress.



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