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Spin it Right Around Baby

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You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round


While Obama is touring the countryside trying to sell a bill that has already been signed into law (???), the ugliest man alive, Henry Waxman, has summoned top executives to the hill in order to “get their minds right” about how they publicly talk about the “greatest bill EVER.”


From Byron York and the Washington Examiner


Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, has summoned some of the nation’s top executives to Capitol Hill to defend their assessment that the new national health care reform law will cost their companies hundreds of millions of dollars in health insurance expenses. Waxman is also demanding that the executives give lawmakers internal company documents related to health care finances — a move one committee Republicans describes as “an attempt to intimidate and silence opponents of the Democrats’ flawed health care reform legislation.”


If the reality doesn’t fit the Progressive delusion they will get you to see it their way, somehow.


The news is an embarrassment for Democrats. As President Obama and congressional leaders tout the purported benefits of the new health care law, some of the nation’s biggest companies are saying it will mean higher costs and fewer benefits — not exactly what Democrats want to hear in the days after their historic victory.


So Waxman has ordered the executives to explain themselves at an April 21 hearing before the Energy and Commerce Committee’s investigative subcommittee. That subcommittee just happens to be chaired by Rep. Bart Stupak, the Michigan Democrat who held out his vote on health care reform until a few hours before final passage on March 21, giving the bill’s opponents the unfounded hope that he might vote against it.


Ahhhh, yes. The holdout who was the least happy with the way the bill was going down is now going to be the guy in the chair position telling others about how he “saw the light.” Can’t wait to see this. Stupak’s Stepford eyes will look pretty eerie on C-Span HD.


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The face of the Democratic Party - er... both opposite faces of the Dem party....


Pretend to have American values, until after you get elected. Then thumb your nose


at the AMERICANS who mistakely believe you, and moon those who didn't vote for you...


then get you Saul Alinsky book out of the bottom drawer, you know, the one that is signed by


Chavez and Obamao... light up a fine Cuban cigar, and exclaim:


"haha,,,, you bunch of stupid pukes"

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