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Gocong and Brown

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Eagles' Brown, Gocong on verge of going to Browns


The Philadelphia Eagles are close to completing a deal, sources said, that would send disgruntled cornerback Sheldon Brown and linebacker Chris Gocong to Cleveland in exchange for one of two packages -- either a draft pick and player or two draft picks and a backup. The deal, which was expected to have been completed by now, is contingent on Brown gaining a new contract.


That, of course, has been the subject of Brown's unhappiness for the past year. It was last April that he demanded to be traded when the Eagles refused to renegotiate his deal, which had four years remaining on it. The Eagles didn't budge, and Brown not only played the season; he played so well that some persons within the organization thought he deserved Pro Bowl consideration -- with Brown producing a career-best five interceptions and returning a fumble and interception for touchdowns.


However, Brown was one of a handful of players -- including quarterback Donovan McNabb and cornerback Asante Samuel -- who did not appear when the Eagles opened their offseason workouts this week, leading to speculation that he might be on the trading block. A second-round draft pick in 2002, Brown didn't miss a game the past six years and missed only one start during that time.


Gocong, a third-round draft pick in 2006, never became the pass rusher the Eagles had hoped and last year lost his starting job as the team's strong-side linebacker late in the season to Moise Fokou. He is expected to play an inside linebacker position with Cleveland.


It is unclear when the trade will be finalized, but sources indicated that it could be completed in "the near future" -- with Brown's contract serving as the last major obstacle. When completed, it will be the third major trade pulled off in the past three weeks by new Cleveland president Mike Holmgren. Holmgren on March 14 sent quarterback Brady Quinn to Denver and linebacker Kamerion Wimbley to Oakland for fullback Peyton Hillis and draft picks.

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I wonder what the compensation would be?? If we got Brown does that mean no Haden?? As long as its not our 1st and 2nd rounder im happy with this trade. I saw it said package deal so could it be 2- 3rds??


I don't think they want to trade two picks unless they were late. The article at PFT said that it would be a pick and a player or two picks and a backup.

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I wonder what the compensation would be?? If we got Brown does that mean no Haden?? As long as its not our 1st and 2nd rounder im happy with this trade. I saw it said package deal so could it be 2- 3rds??


yea there's no way we give a 1st or 2nd for this. Just spitballin if the deal goes through, I'd bet it'll be a later third and a 5th.

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It was a 4th 5th and Alex Hall


Confirmed by Schefter


Originally Posted by Adam Schefter

Filed to ESPN: Eagles-Browns make 5-player deal: Browns get CB Sheldon Brown, LB Chris Gocong; Eagles get 4th and 5th rd picks, LB Alex Hall


Cant wait to see this from our newely aquired CB



Im getting really excited about our team this year, cant wait for the draft

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Browns acquire Chris Gocong and Sheldon Brown from Eagles

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on April 2, 2010 11:58 AM ET

Well, the Browns-Eagles trade didn't take too long to finalize after all.


The Eagles officially announced they have traded cornerback Sheldon Brown and linebacker Chris Gocong to the Browns for linebacker Alex Hall, a fourth-round pick (No. 105), and a fifth-round pick (No.137) in the 2010 draft.


The Browns had 12 picks in this draft, so the move acquires two possible starters at a reasonable cost. This isn't like Phil Savage mortgaging the team's future for early picks. It's the Browns getting some capable veterans to upgrade their talent to tide them over while the team reloads.


It's expected that Cleveland will re-negotiate Brown's contract.


It's unclear where Gocong will play in Cleveland's 3-4 defense, but he's not great in coverage so providing depth at inside linebacker makes sense. He wasn't a long-term solution as a starter in Philadelphia.


Hall has flashed some pass rush ability, and will likely compete at the strong-side linebacker spot for Philadelphia.


Ultimately, we think the Browns got a solid starting cornerback for a fair price. But it's not a game-changing move for either team.


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Nice trade.


Gocong on the inside excites me. Brown is a VERY solid corner, fills a huge hole.


After QB, I thought corner was our biggest need, gotta love this off-season.



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You almost have it


The Cleveland Seaglets


Needed to add the jets to the other part. As long as where getting solid players and starters, I do not care who we are getting them from. Today's additions where a great trade for us.


I knew there was a better one out there! I like this trade, we need more eagles on our team. I'm just not so sure about adding any more Seahawks.

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This takes Haden out of the equation and allows to go all for Berry or trade down. With McCoy being the apple of Holmgren's eye, it's conceivable he would be the team's first pick while they address other needs with the other accumulated picks. They also avoid top ten contract money again.

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ummm, roth?????


Roth is nice, but he isn't an all pro/stud type of play maker ... or he would not have been cut from a non playoff team a few games into the season. Dont get me wrong he played really well when he got here, but he isnt a stud he is a "nice" player. We need a play maker on this D.

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Roth is nice, but he isn't an all pro/stud type of play maker ... or he would not have been cut from a non playoff team a few games into the season. Dont get me wrong he played really well when he got here, but he isnt a stud he is a "nice" player. We need a play maker on this D.


This is a good explanation of what happened to Roth in Miami.




Rosenhaus and another client, linebacker Matt Roth, butted heads with the Dolphins last year over the player’s desire for a contract extension and a later decision to stash Roth on the reserve/non-football injury list for the season’s first six weeks.


Roth was waived in November and landed with the Cleveland Browns, for whom he was highly productive over the final six games.


Odd saga comes to an end as Miami Dolphins cut Matt Roth

The Dolphins cut linebacker Matt Roth, but said it was based on performance and not on lingering feelings from an odd training camp situation.

Miami Dolphins linebacker Matt Roth bumps hands with a fan before the game against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2009 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.







A strange, four-month span for Dolphins linebacker Matt Roth came to an unexpected conclusion Tuesday -- the team has decided to move forward without him.


Roth, who became the center of an odd saga when he missed all of training camp with a groin injury, was released after totaling just four combined tackles during his four games this season.


The move was ``strictly a football decision,'' one source said. Although no other outside factors are believed to have contributed to his departure, the drama of training camp surely will follow Roth in the wake of Miami's choice to cut him.


It's a saga that has remained mostly unexplained. When Roth arrived for training camp this year, he blamed a failed conditioning test on being ill -- only to later come forward with an admission about a groin injury.


After trainers struggled to diagnose the issue, Roth was sent to Philadelphia to meet with a leading groin specialist, Dr. William Meyers. The evaluation did not reveal any significant issues, and Roth returned with what seemed to be an optimistic report.


But according to multiple sources at the time, Roth continued to sit out of practice. with no further explanation other than to say his groin was still sore. The strange situation caused the team to go forward without him, moving Jason Taylor into the strong-side linebacker role where Roth served as a starter throughout 2008.


On Oct. 31, Roth was reactivated to the 53-man roster, seeming to regain his standing with the team. That decision served as the last formal move until Tuesday's announcement by Miami that he had been cut.


The most recent source to speak on the situation stressed that Roth's departure was based strictly on Miami's plans for the future, as well as Roth's performance -- but that it was not a result of any lingering feelings from the training camp situation.




The move makes some sense when considering the past two years of decision-making: The Dolphins, under the current regime, have been an organization that doesn't delay the inevitable when it is financially sound to act.


Roth, for instance, is scheduled to become a free agent after this season. If the Dolphins did not expect to sign him to a new contract -- and they also were not getting an adequate performance from him -- the team would rather begin developing and evaluating players who have potential to fit into a long-term plan.


Roth's departure also brings to light a few staggering statistics about how dramatically different the team has become over the past two years, while also revealing the bad fortunes Miami endured on draft days during a five-year span between 2003 and 2007.


Only eight of 38 players drafted during that span still remain with the team. And only nine of the roster's 53 players hold a rare distinction: They were drafted by the Dolphins -- but not by Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland.




Roth's departure is still a strange one that doesn't necessarily seem to fit the mold of the many other departures that came before him. During coach Tony Sparano's first season, Roth was viewed as a prime example of the coaching staff's ability to think outside the box when it came to player personnel.


With the need for more linebackers in the newly installed 3-4 system, the Dolphins began evaluating which players could make the potential transition. Former defensive end Vonnie Holliday got a look, but it didn't work out.


When Miami threw Roth into the role, it seemed as close to a natural fit as anyone could have expected.


He would thrive in his new position in 2008, becoming a player that looked like he might have long-term stability at the spot.


He finished the season with five sacks, four pass defenses, two forced fumbles and 53 tackles. Less than a year later, as far as the Dolphins are concerned, those days seem to be settled in the very distant past.


Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2009/11/25/1349...l#ixzz0jy8QSvph



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