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Easter Beer

Chicopee John

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Well, I'm walking around the local package store wondering what I should buy for Easter. IMHO, a Special Day deserves a special beer.


I have to say that I have plenty of PBR inventory on hand at all times so that wasn't on the horizon.


I put a growler of Otter Creek (VT) Jamaican Stout in the basket because - well, I've never had Jamaican Stout although I have tried many other flavors. I am about to put another growler of Stone IPA into the cart when I saw it......................


Narragansett Bock. For those my age but not from New England can't wax nostalgic about good old 'Gansett


Always liked Oldies but Goodies.

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i love trying different beers, i was recently at a place down by Cincinnati called Jungle Jims and their beer and wine selection is huge!!! there was tons of different imports and domestics. I even got one from east Africa called Tusker lol

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