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I am beginning to think we will as well.



When you think about it, this is the year to do it.


First year QBs don't do much. Seeing as we have a bunch of extra picks to us to help build the team in the more here and now, Clausen makes some sense.




Sooner or later you have to take a QB fairly early. It's my opinion you can't keep trying to live with 3rd and 4th round QB selections.




For any who have gone to Vegas, you know the only real way to make money is to risk money.




Sure, every once in a while a nickel slot pays a jackpot worth some serious cash, but you have to sit at the $5 and $10 machines to have a realistic shot at making some real money without getting totally lucky and hitting the jackpot.

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Picking Clausen means that signing Delhomme was a waste. Or it could be argued that signing Delhomme means the Clausen pick was a waste.


I don't think Clausen will be good in the NFL. There is no question that he was throwing the ball last year to three NFL 1/2 round pass catchers in Tate, Rudolph, and Floyd. People would argue that they might only be considered as such because of Clausen, but the truth is those guys, especially Floyd and Tate, made some spectacular plays on balls that were up for grabs. Those two will be NFL studs, no doubt.


No, we need secondary help badly. Especially at safety. If Berry is there, it's a no-brainer. If he's not, then I have no problem taking Thomas there, although I think we could trade back into the 11-20 range and still get him and add a few picks/players along the way.

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There's a good chance Clausen drops into the 2nd round. Moving the Chains has us taking him in the 2nd over McCoy which I think is dumb. Anyways Cabbage Brains is a horrible reporter.


I am not huge on Claussen personally, but I wouldn't mind the gamble in the second round. Especially if we trade down a few slots in the first and get a second second rounder. I doubt he falls into round 2 though. The only way I see him slipping into the second is if Buffalo passes and someones gamble on tebow in the first. Its going to be an interesting draft to say the least.

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