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I thought it was free

Herman M

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I don't know how many posts on this board can be characterized this way, but it's an awful lot, easily over 80%:


- Someone posts something that is completely untrue, or barely true. Then they get irate about what they imagine to be true, but isn't.


- A few other people jump in, filled with rage at that thing that isn't true, or isn't really happening.


- Someone comes in, usually me, to try and tell you that it isn't true and that you're worried about nothing, or something with a simple explanation.


- All hell breaks lose. A parody of a political discussion ensues.


- Steve points about something the Democrats did that isn't really like what we're talking about, but Steve thinks it's exactly like that.


- Steve and go off on some tangent and get nowhere.


- T and Cal makes asses out of themselves, and then declare victory.


- Everyone still believes that thing that isn't true is totally true.


See you tomorrow.

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Well hecky, you can tell your stories to whomever wants to rad them, but atleast we do show a source of information that back up our statements.



To date, we have not seen you do the same.


Why is that? Are you full of prunes or do you just make this crap up from some newsletter that you get from the democratic underground. evidently propaganda is your tool. T or F you still do it.

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Actually, THIS is how this board goes:


Most of us post articles we think is very or at least kinda interesting...


talk about stuff.


Heck shows up, gets antagonistic, won't divulge his own opinions, and


has "fun" just attacking other's opinions.


The rest of us ask Heck for his opinion, and he posts some stupid moveonupObama'scrotch.org


stuff, and then says nobody knows as much as he does about the same stuff.


Then Heck gets another lib to come and help him on different issues he gets mired in,


and then leaves the board, like Shep and Mzbeetlejuice did, when he completely shows himself


to be an ignorant coward.


Then, Heck comes back, attacks T on a personal basis, then he attacks Cal, then Steve,


then ever so politely, John, then Diehard.


Then Heck whines about not being able to have "intelligent conversations" on the board.


Then Heck changes the subject of every thread, and when T, Cal, Steve and John call him on


some of the stuff he says, Heck changes the subject again, and pretends to think he is superior.


Then Heck refuses to show any pic of him putting pink nail polish on his toes.


Then Heck decides everybody he doesn't like is a racist homophobic right wing extremist serial killer.


That's how I see it.


I could be wrong. Maybe his nail polish is mauve. @@ :o

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Is Mr. Heckle Jellybean ignorant?


Or just completely dishonest?


I don't see how someone so fake and arrogant can

have an honest bone in his body.


I think Heck needs an x-ray and a hug from a really nasty

sumo wrestler.




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