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Draft/NBA Playoff Trivia

The Gipper

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Here are some trivia on some current topics:


1. Of the 256 players selected last year in the NFL draft, all but one attended college in the USA. Where did the one player that did not come from the US go to school? (and if possible give name and team that drafted him)



2. How many players drafted last year, 2009, made the Pro Bowl their rookie year?



3. Chicago, Alabama, Notre Dame, Iowa, TCU, West Virginia, San Francisco, Michigan St., Ohio U.

What does this list represent?



4. There is a person who was in the same year chosen with the LAST pick of the NFL draft (Mr. Irrelevent) and also picked with the FIRST overall pick of the NBA draft. Who was that?



5. Name the only player who was NOT a part of the Celtics dynasty that has won 7 NBA Championship rings?



6. Which active NBA franchises have never made the NBA Finals.



7. Two teams that are now defunct once played in the NBA Finals. Name those two teams.



8. What is the only 8th seeded team to make the NBA Finals? Team and year.



9. What cities have won an NBA title that no longer have a team?



10. How many times has the same city had a team win both an NBA and NHL title in the same year?



Big 10/11 bonus question: There has been talk about the Big 10 expanding, but in a certain sense there are already 12 schools that are a part of the Big 10. What is the 12th school and how is it connected?

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