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The offense will get better


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As we've witnessed so far this season, the offense has been pretty terrible.


Hafner and Peralta are a combined 1 for 19 with runners in scoring position.


And the same two are 4 for 39 with runners on base.


Those two will eventually at least get to the .250 mark in RBI situations, the runs will come.




And we're just getting some bad breaks off the bat. Our BABIP of .255 is the third worst in the majors, which won't hold up. Last year the lowest BABIP in he majors was .282, and before that was .278 in 2007 and '08. Balls will start dropping as that creeps up.


Peralta's BABIP, specifically, is .125. The lowest mark in his career so far was .291. Again, this will eventually level off and the hits will come.




I just hope the solid pitching can hold up while we wait for the offense to turn around.

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