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Blagojevich Lawyers to Subpoena President Obama - Witness Contradicts Obama's Claim that He Had No Involvement

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Blagojevich Lawyers to Subpoena President Obama - Witness Contradicts Obama's Claim that He Had No Involvement


Rod Blagojevich lawyers filed a motion Thursday seeking to subpoena President Obama to court to testify for his defense, according to CNN. Blagojevich is facing corruption charges that allegedly occurred while he was the governor of Illinois


Blagojevich is Accused of Basically Trying to Sell Senate Seat Vacated By Then Senator Obama


Blagojevich was accused of trying to sell the senate seat vacated by then Senator Obama, when he became President. Basically Blagojevich is accused of giving the seat to the highest bidder of money or "something else" reports Fox and Friends on Friday morning.


The motion, which is ten pages long state that President Obama is needed to testify in Blagojevich defense and understands that this is not a routine request made of the President, but he has knowledge that could help clear Blagojevich name. If it was not "critical" to the defense of the ex-governor, President Obama would not be asked, states the motion.


Blagojevich Attorneys Have A Witness To Contradict President Obama's Public Statements


The motion says that although Obama has taken the stand in public that he had nothing to do with the talks about filling his vacant Senate seat, this contradicts information another witness has brought forth in the case.


In addition, the motion says that Tony Rezko, who has links to Obama, is a political fundraiser convicted of fraud charges is a government witness in the case and that Obama can offer testimony about him.


Blagojevich Lets Loose On His Accusers


Blagojevich, held a news conference this week and did not sugar coat his words. He called his accusers in this case, "liars" and "cowards".


Blagojevich is not a man who will quietly go away. Using his new found alleged corruption charge fame, he became a contestant on the reality show, "Celebrity Apprentice", with Donald Trump.





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No way he is asked to / forced to testify. We all know that.


Maybe it can be done in private but still under oath.


Sounds like shades of the Clinton era, lady in the blue dress. Then we can discuss the meaning of "is".


Guilty as charged. Oh' wait, nobody had big enough onions to follow through with it in congress.

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