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You don't think anti-Semitism is big in the Obamao regime?


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I do. I predicted as much in the election, before Obamao was elected. Now we see in


in the wh antagonist politicies toward Israel, and placating, condoning behavior toward


Israel's enemies.


Here is the latest indicator that we, and Israel are in big, big trouble:


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This crap coming from the whit house is disgusting. What is even worse than that is nobody is calling for this guys head. He needs to be removed from his post and reprimanded.


Just think if he said something in the likeness towards queers. He would have Oprah breathing fire from her mouth. And Eckert Tolle would be crying.


Here is a good read The Most Enduring Legacy Of Nazi Hate

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If it occurs on the lefty side of the political divide, it's fine


with the lefties, no matter what was said, they laugh.


But ANYTHING that occurs on the righty side?


The media and the Dems and lefties go berserk with outrage,


and the leftist president et all appeal for resignations, firings, etc.


This happens, because the left does NOT stand on any PRINCIPLES.


so, their guide is "what benefits our side", which ends up being two complete


opposite appraisals on the same kind of words/jokes spoken.

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