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At the half, Quinn was looking ok...


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Quinn had a QB rating around 80.



The first scoring drive ended in a field goal, but Winslow was interfered with on a pass at the 5 yard line, but it didn't get called. Would have been first and goal on the 5.


The second scoring drive ended in a field goal, but Braylon drops one on his hip at the ten. Would have been first and goal on the 8.


Both of these, if caught, could have gone for TD's, or given the Browns a good chance for a TD.


Yes, BQ had a horrible partial 3rd quarter, but look at DA's numbers in his 3rd start (that wasn't on a short week, after a big game, where there tends to be a let down anyway, with a broken finger).


Quinn's first INT, he totally misses that there is a tall linebacker underneath in coverage. No excuses and a noob mistake.


But then the running game is getting going and starts to get in rhythm on the ensuing drive. Jamal has 45 yards rushing in the 3rd Q alone. There's no false starts and Quinn still is calm. The Browns end a good 50 yard drive, a nice mix of passes and runs, with deflating interception #2.


Now, I'm not saying things were going great. But come on. When is the last time a started got pulled for 2 INT's in a game.


They show Quinn on the sideline and he looks ticked.


DA comes out and lays a dinosaur egg.

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No need to defend. A guy in his 3rd start is going to make bad reads and bad decisions. Even Manning does it from time-to-time.


The entire situation is ridiculous. There was no reason to switch QBs, at least any logical reason given the scenario. It's spite and nothing more. RAC will pay for it with his job. I really expect him to be fired tonight and it announced tomorrow.

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Quinn's 3rd quarter rating was a ZERO POINT ZERO.



I know that Gump.


The point is it wasn't a situation where the starter should have been pulled. As pointed out on another thread, DA's third start included 4 interceptions, and he was allowed to finish the game.

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