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Real quick, not much time today.


We may as well go back to our normal routine after taking a break last year of looking for possible FA's and draft picks.


I like the idea of moving on without Edwards or Winslow and quite possibly Lewis and Stallworth. Any big money that can be saved is good with me, and then go ahead and start making wholesale changes again. Not signing or keeping around most of the above (or resigning Sean Jones) frees up more monies to start bringing in more guys. DA will be moved and guys like Davis and McGinnest will finally be out of here.


Face it, we're right back where we used to be except that now we know those guys aren't winners and don't deserve paid.


Interested in hearing philosophies of who should stay and who should go.

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I give Wimbley a pass...and here is why:


R.Smith...the DE he was lined up next to...is on IR. S.Smith and the other wannabe's that have filled in are terrible. Add in that Peek is out and Willie is far past his prime and Hall is a raw convert rookie...they let the left side go and dared us to make a play over there and used TE's and RB's to chip at Wimbley on every play. Plus, I noticed we dropped him back in coverage a LOT this year.


BE is a head case right now....he probably needs a change of scenery to change that. Still, we can't trade him this year as Stallworth will be gone. Stallworth has a $4.75 bonus due on March 1st....bye bye!!!


McGinest needs to retire...and with the team in disarray he will.


Peek is a lost cause. Too injury ridden. Bye bye.


Hall is a project and we will keep him...but he isn't somebody we can count on.


Davis is done. Bell? Who knows?


Jones is gone...he wants big money and we aren't going to pony it up.


K2 has butted heads and is worth a lot on the trade front. I bet we trade him too...especially with Rucker in the wings.


DA - with the complete implosion of the Browns...it is actually MORE likely that some coach/GM is going to blame DA's demise on schemes and surrounding cast...and therefore more likely we get a 2nd or higher. He is gone


RAC - no chance he stays unless we go 8-8...and THAT ain't happening. I still lean towards Rex Ryan!!!


So, we need to get:


ROLB - opposite Wimbley

ILB - replace Davis...thumper

SS - replace Jones...thumper

WR - replace Stallworth (BE stays for now as we need SOME continuity)

RB - Lewis is fine as a part timer...but we need to get his replacement



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I'm not big on trading Winslow. At this point, he's far and away our best receiver. Edwards can go, and we won't be seeing Stallworth again next year. DA should fetch a 2nd rounder at best from a desperate team, though I do agree that the recent meltdown will cast him in a better light.

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I would probably gut the roster. I'm guessing alot of these turds wont make it through training camp with a new coach. I'll put an X next to the guys I think we should get rid of.



On Offense:


RB Lewis

RB Harrison

RB Wright X (redundant to have him on the roster)

FB Ali

FB Vickers

QB Quinn

QB Anderson X (with that salary you have to move him)

WR Edwards (wait until he has a couple good games next year and swap him for Boldin)

WR Jurevicius

WR Stallworth X (worthless)

WR Steptoe X

TE Winslow X (it's over)

TE Rucker

TE Heiden

TE Dinkins

LT Thomas

LG Steinbach

C Fraley X (draft a center with some size and run blocking skill)

RG Hadnot

RT Shaffer X (We have Tucker and draft someone maybe, pick up a Free Agent, trade this guy? Too Expensive)


On defense:


DT Robaire Smith

DT Shaun Smith X (or keep as a backup, this guy should not be starting)

DT Williams

NT Rubin (give him another year to see if he sucks)

NT Rogers

OLB Wimbley

OLB McGinest X (retire/cut)

OLB Peek (we need this guy to perform and play a full season)

OLB Hall

OLB Orr X (whatever)

ILB Jackson

ILB A. Davis X (garbage)

ILB L. Williams X (garbage)

ILB Bell

LCB Mcdonald

RCB Wright

SS Jones X

FS Pool (move to SS?)

FS Mike Adams (I like this guy)



Alot of the guys I didnt 'X' out are borderline. I'm losing patience in Wimbley, Corey Williams, Edwards... maybe even Lewis and the ever-injured Vickers.


This team needs damn close to a complete overhaul.



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