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Jamal Lewis..... Not a hater... But....


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I like Jamal. But at 29 years of age, I think he is running below expectations. But then again, it could be the whole team playing below expectations along with lack luster play calling.


Last few weeks we have seen some great runs from Harrison (I believe that's who it was). Hitting the holes hard and if they are not there, instead of just trying to run through people he is creating his own space and making some moves.


Are we putting to much faith in Jamal? I like Jamal for the "big back" runner that he is... But sometimes, he just seems to be to slow, not improvising, doesn't seem to be looking for openings. More like, running the play as designed, and if it works then it does and if it doesn't work, well, stick to it anyways..


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Unfortunately and for reasons beyond his control, the Browns will be facing 8 in the box for the forseeable future.


I like where you're going with this one, but Jamal was sucking dick with your piece of garbage QB behind center.


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