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Straight from the House Hunting article Shep shared and NOW I have learned what Lerner was talking about when he indicated Phil wished he never hit SEND via the email:


Savage went on his weekly radio show and shoveled dirt on Crennel's chances of remaining with the Browns. "I've said it on this program a number of times," said Savage, who recently made headlines for sending a profane e-mail response to an angry fan. "Hey, my responsibility is the 53-man roster, and then it's Romeo and the rest of the coaching staff's decision how to utilize the 45 players that dress on Sunday. Who starts, who plays, when they're gonna play, how they're gonna be utilized.


"If I'm going to get involved in those decisions, then I might as well put on a headset and double my salary."




Somebody is in WAY over his head. Do people REALLY see RAC as the ONLY problem here? You can't play chess with just PAWNS folks. Did RAC ever have to do that in NE? Did it look like he could coach at that time? Phil's job is to get him MORE than just pawns so like my old oline coach used to say when he was pissed: "WE'RE NOT GETTIN IT HERE!"


Stay tuned!!!


I think Cowher wants to do what Parcells is doing right now so be careful what you wish for about the GM thing. Cowher will get us the RIGHT Head Coach AND he's experienced enough to overcome incompetance above him. When he had a falling out with GM Tom Donahoe - it wasn't Cowher that got his walking papers. The Steelers made the Superbowl shortly thereafter while Donahoe went on to lose another GM job in Buffalo. Competance has a way putting people where they are supposed to be. Savage seems like he's a hard worker - I just don't see THIS as something making him happy or one of his stronger suits. I think hge found there's a WHOLE lot more to it all than he bargained for in going to a team in transition WITHOUT a strong supervisor. It ain't ALL his fault by ANY means; but Lerner said he ain't selling the team so we prolly need to start at Savage and yank RAC as well.

- Tom F. (I just want to win - I'm tired of this bullshit for what feels like 10 straight years after 3 years of NO football)

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I couldnt agree more flugel...savages last attemp to save his own rear finished me up on him not firing crennel at the bye week bittered me on the whole organization i like savage but he is in over his head as a GM he needs to be the head scout or something RAC needs to just retire and save himself the pain of getting canned he has no talent as a head coach he is way to soft on both the players and especially his craptastic coordinators and assistants who appear to do nothing because crennel doesnt do his job and ride them to get em coaching..


Im more hopeful now that lerner will fix things right and that to me does not include keeping many if any assistants of crennel or promoting our new HC from within that untalented pool of saps in the browns organization..

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