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Sources: Crennel to lose Browns job unless team has miracle finish


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He should still lose his job even if he managed to win the rest of the remaining games unless you guys actually like starting the first 4 games of the season totally unprepared he has had 4 yrs and every year he is the same unmotivated unable to make his assistants do their jobs not benching players that need to be benched if even for only a quarter..he has zero evaluation skills at many positions he allows for poor utilization of the talent we have he has to go....


Savage needs to get fired or demoted as well for returning a profane email to a fan(unprofessional) and allowing all the above to transpire beyond week 6 granted what he says about crennel is true it is just not the way to go..


Coordinators and assistants must be purged as well any new coach will not want these lousy lazy guys anyways...


The browns also need a new and more pr related president with lots of football experience to sum it up the whole organization needs a fresh start but this time lerner needs to seek out the right people and pay the hefty price of 10 yrs of lerner failings with this club and the fans..


Anything short of most of these things coming about will likely result in 10 more years of the same keeping our current staff assures 10 more years of losing so i hope we rebuild the organization at the top many players will likely stay but now they will have to earn their stay the free ride is over...

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