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QB Contracts

WPB Dawg Fan

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These are the contracts for BQ and DA:



8/7/2007: Signed a five-year, $9.25 million contract. The deal contains $7.75 million guaranteed, including a $4.3 million roster bonus in the second year. Another $11 million ($5M in 2010, $5.9M in 2011) is available though escalators in 2010 and 2011 based on Quinn taking at least 55% of the snaps in each of the first two years or at least 70% in his third season. Another $9.8 million is available, but is unlikely to be earned. 2008: $370,000, 2009: $655,000, 2010-2011: $700,000, 2011: Free Agent



2/29/2008: Signed a three-year, $24 million contract. The deal contains $14.5 million in guarantees, including a $7 million signing bonus. Another $1 million is available through incentives based on Pro Bowls and performance. 2008: $950,000, 2009: $1.45 million (+ $5 million roster bonus), 2010: $7.45 million (+ $2 million roster bonus), 2011: Free Agent


The keys are bolded:


In 2009 the contracts are:

BQ - $655, 000

DA - $6,450,000


In 2010 the contracts (if you assume BQ starts) are:

BQ - $5,700,000 (includes $5M kicker to base)

DA - $9,450,000 (includes $2M roster bonus)


In 2011:

BQ - $6,600,000 (includes $5.9M kicker to base)



So for those claiming that BQ costs more than DA....not quite...even if BQ starts for the next 2 years....BQ will cost the Browns a total of $6.35M and DA will cost $15.9M....even counting BQ's 2011 salary, he only costs $12.95M, which is STILL less than DA for the next 2 years.


Now, who do you REALLY think will be traded this off-season???



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I see nothing wrong with an organization wanting to give a first round draft choice a chance. In fact, there is something wrong if they don't.


The owner likes him, he's less expensive, and has yet to really get a solid chance to show his stuff.


This one is easy. Quinn is in and DA goes away.


Then draft Arakpo (1st round) and Matthews (2nd round) and get a DB and WR in free agency. Bring in a new coach and let'er rip.

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Amazing the money thrown around in this sport. Amazing the terms set up when each player on every team SHOULD be gauged on their performance the past year before negotiating the UPCOMING year and no later.


Why do we have fans that act like they do ?? Look at the money the players are paid and what they do or do not have to do to get their paychecks. Fans hate that these amounts are thrown around, yet they continue to attend and buy 8$ beers and $4 hotdogs. I am truly embarrassed by the way the Browns fans have acted, but in looking at the money thrown around, the NFL and players asking for it with big bucks and stupid conduct.


With things the way they are with the U.S. economy, this sport (and actually all sports) needs a swift kick in the ass !

Too many kids being trained to be pro athletes that can't spell their own names, let alone ANYTHING about their country, so they and their foolish parents can reap the benefits of the NFL, NBA, etc., etc.


Sorry to wander from tyour subject WPB, but this really gets my onions, in case you could'nt tell.


As for the subject matter ... DA is obviously not worth what they were lead to believe at the end of last season. BQ IS the future. Second game - messed up finger; First game - awesome show. That's the reality.

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Well, it could be looked at this way as well:


Derek Anderson cost about $1 mil per Win and Brady Quinn cost about $7 mil per win, over the past two seasons.


DA cost about $500,000 per game and Brady Quinn has cost about $2.5 Mil per game so far in guaranteed money.

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