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Join TK for TK'S Tirade

TK'S Tirade

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Hey all.


Another loss toppled with many injuries have us all shaking our heads yet again. Join me tonight as we breakdown another Browns defeat from top to bottom including my thoughts on DA getting cheered when he got hurt. This has been a very hot topic around the area. Tonight I give my show to you the Browns fans!!!!


Join me as we look ahead to the Dorsey era, and see if Ken can somehow get the browns a win this weekend.


We will talk about RAC saving his job with a "miracle finish"??


Plus The red hot Cavs continue to look impressive


LeBron calls barkley stupid...are those comments warranted...


did anyone care about the Monday Night game last night?


The BCS nightmare and where Ohio State shakes out in all of this.


Plaxico Burress is in the news again....I have a new spot for him on the newest installment of the Jackass Club


All that and more tonight at 8 PM EST on TK'S Tirade live from Scorchers in Medina and only on www.wildtalkradio.com!!





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