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Woof Woof: Week 13 Fantasy Football Follies


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It's the time of the year for snow and in the spirit of the winter season, the playoff pictures are starting to crystallize while some teams have flaked out. I'm here to tell you which is which, or which are which, or something like that. A remarkable number of playoff spots are still up for grabs so the last weekend of the fantasy football season should provide a lot of suspense in all of the leagues.


Beanpot's League ONE:

Taking it from the bottom up, the Port City Cat Dawgs gave it their all and fell just one point short of knocking off WVBrownsfan. An unexpected 19 points from Lendale White and the Pittsburgh defense kept the Cat Dawgs in the game to the final gun. A couple of extra points from underachievers Jamal Lewis (6), Trent Edwards (2), or Shayne Graham (3) would have given the Cat Dawgs another win. The 68-67 victory by Brownsfan clinched a playoff spot and left PCCD at the anchor location... deep at the bottom.


The Notredamers, in the 11 spot, fell to Beanpot 112-75 and handed over a playoff berth to Beans who earned it with a solid 10-3 record. The Notredamers, who defeated Beanpot in week two, had hoped to shut out Beans for the season. Strong performances by RB Chris Johnson (22) and Indianapolis' D (20) lead the way in what turned out to be a season high performance for Beanpot who's team seems to be peaking as they enter the post season.


Greenville Mayhem clinched a place in the championship series despite a loss to OYGB, a team that inadvertantly helped Mayhem in the rankings by settling for a tie in week 2. Insert Clever Name, Ballantyne CraZeez, and Calfox KosarDawgs, ranked 10, 9, and 8 respectively also helped Mayhem by winning their games.


Ballantyne CraZeez knocked off DTBH 98-82. DTBH is currently in 4th place but this Dawg (The Bounty Hunter) has his claws dug in to try to hang on to the last available space in the Semifinals. Dawg hopes to fight off the Brown Dogs in Week 14.


Calfox KosarDawgs delivered a haymaker to the Brown Dogs who hang onto the slimmest of hope entering the final week of the regular season poised to decide the fate of DTBH.


Should DTBH lose to the Brown Dogs, WPB Browns appear to have the best shot at snatching the final slot. WPB fell to Insert Clever Name 58-98 but still has a chance if the team defeats WVBrownsfan. If DTBH loses and WPB Browns win, it is likely (but not guaranteed) that WPB will grab a seat on the championship bus based on total points.


The Tie Breakers are as follows: 1. Overall winning percentage 2. Fantasy points scored 3-19. Fantasy points scored in the respective weeks of play 20. Random coin flip.


Beanpot's League TWO:

The playoff picture is fuzzier here with only two teams a sure thing for the playoffs. Beanpot defeated Huskymania 83-64 and the Usual Suspects committed grand larceny against another beer please 88-38. Beanpot and the Suspects have no worries entering Week 14 and can rest their starters.


THE HAMMER's Rob Bironas kicked the Cleveland Cribbs out of their way 107-95. THE HAMMER can nail down their place in the post season if they can pound the Rookies this week.


The Rookies could only manage an 85 point tie against the Pack Rats. Since more than one tie has been overturned by mid-week scoring adjustments, we'll have to wait and see if this one holds up. This week the Pack Rats take a shot at the Traveling Pants who are also still in the running.


Take a look for yourselves at the myriad of possibilities:

3. THE HAMMER 8-5-0 .615 1030 W-3


4. Rookies 7-5-1 .577 1109



5. Traveling Pants 7-6-0 .538 934



6. The Pack Rats 6-6-1 .500 1050 T-1



Who will wind up in the 3 and 4 spots? Don't rule out ties as a possibility. Stranger things have happened.


Another beer please, the grounded Lambdo's Air Show, and Huskymania (with the fourth highest point total in League TWO) are in a battle for the basement. While NavDawg, Jumpin' Jack Flash, and Cleveland Cribbs fight for the right to play in the consolation round for the honor and glory of 5th place.


Tom Flugel's League THREE: The playoff possibilities here are nuttier than a Christmas Fruitcake. The Choo Choo's railroaded Fan of Steel to become the only team that is a sure thing for post season play. The League Three Office reports, "I haven't said this since The Exorcist, I'm scared." I can see why.


*1. Choo Choo's 9-4-0 .692 1098 W-1


2. Fan Of STEEL 8-5-0 .615 1091 L-1


3. Team Sabre 8-5-0 .615 1081 L-1


4. Flugelmaniacs 8-5-0 .615 1051 W-1


5. Cleveland Steamers 7-5-1 .577 1163 W-1


6. Devil Dawgs 7-5-1 .577 988 W-1


7. Rice's Rampage 7-6-0 .538 1143 L-1


8. The Noble Savages 7-6-0 .538 1013 W-3


9. Wating For Noodles 3 7-6-0 .538 909 L-1


10. Believeland 5-8-0 .385 1000 L-2


11. Calfox KosarDawgs 2-11-0 .154 844 L-3


12. Bermeck's Ky Hicks 2-11-0 .154 693 W-1



Here's the rest of the news from Tom's League Office:


As we head toward the photo finish here's how League Three's horses are jockeying for position:





Rice's Rampage


* Flugelmaniacs: Steve Slaton 25, Tennessee Def 20, Derrick Mason 18

* Rice's Rampage: Greg Jennings 22, David Akers 14, Roddy White 13

* Both teams looked to their QBs for big days and the Flugelmaniacs got 0 points from Kerry Collins at Detroit while Rice's Rampage received -2 points from Peyton Manning in Cleveland


Cleveland Steamers


Team Sabre


* Cleveland Steamers: Thomas Jones 24, Pittsburgh Def 19, Andre Johnson 18

* Team Sabre: Larry Fitzgerald 21, Indy Def 20, Matt Forte 17

* The Steamers had 3 others in double figures Eli Manning 10, Hines Ward 13, LT 14 to bring the heat to the high scoring Team Sabre. Both Teams fought hard as we can see. It's tough to lose when you score 89 points and 4 other teams that won this week did not have that much.


Devil Dawgs


Calfox KosarDawgs


* Devil Dawgs: DeAngelo Williams 31, Lee Evans 12, Ronnie Brown 9

* Calfox's KosarDawgs: Andrian Peterson 16, Antonio Bryant 13, Derrick Ward 12

* WOW! This was a good old fashion dawg fight that might have landed Michael Vick in more trouble for putting his cake on Furnier's Devil Dawgs. When you put the Devil and Vick in the same sentence look out! The good news is both dawgs were spotted shaking hands after the fight so they're both healthy and ready for post game interviews if anyone has further questions.




Choo Choo's


* FOS: Tony Romo 22, Steve Breaston 15, Chris Cooley 10

* Choo Choos: Chris Johnson 22, Rob Bironas 21, Marques Colston 13

* Anytime you put steel in front of a freight train - you're gonna get quite the collision. This was a matchup where the Choo Choos from Chattanooga "Titan'd" their grip on the lead with 43 points from their local Tennessee Titans. Nobody has worked more dilligently on their team than FOS and his place in the standings show this. With the powers of paraphrase FOS's last post game comments heard were: "I'll Always Remember the Titans." He's willing to tell you the extent off the record but my guess is he's already preparing for the final week of the regular season. I wouldn't want to be his next opponent so guess what? I am.


Bermeck's Ky Hicks




* Bermey's Hick: Donovan Mcnabb 30, Nick Folk 12, Steve Smith 11

* Thaak's Believeland: Aaron Rodgers 24, Cleveland Def 13, Steven Jackson 8

* This was a defensive battle won by 1 point. That said, Bermey has put too much faith in non-starters like DJ Hackett and Rudi Johnson so they only combined for 0 points to help keep Believeland believing til the last whistle.


The Noble Savages


Wating For Noodles 3


* Noble Savages: Terrell Owens 17, Dallas Def 15, Matt Jones & Josh Brown 14 apiece

* Waiting for Noodles: Joe Flacco 18, Donald Driver 16, Reggie Wayne 7

* Noble Savages received Noble efforts from everyone as we can see by all those in double figures. Meanwhile Mother Nature restricted point totals from the Noodles' Indy Colts Anthony Gonzalez 2 points, Joseph Addai 2 points and Reggie Wayne 7 points. The Noble Savages weren't about to put themselves into position to complain. They scored 90 expecting 80-89 from the Noodles. That's called planning ahead to WIN.


Heidi's League FOUR:

League Four's front office remains sidelined in the wake of Thanksgiving revelry and left the color commentary to us.


Team DangeRuss has won 6 in a row and added an exclamation point to the season by sending DaMan Beagles to the pound 124-61. Let's hope there are plenty of doggie treats in the basement where Beagles has made his home. Team DangeRuss has an asterisk, and a guarantee of a role in the championship semifinal round no matter what happens in week 14.


Brownsfaninkorea made it interesting by losing to wrfootball82, 57-93. Donovan McNabb (30) and Donald Driver (16) helped leave the fate of Brownsfan in question.


Season Ending Injury came out healthy let Greg Jennings (22) and Andre Johnson (18) squeeze by My Helmet's 2 Tight, 78-72. Both Brownsfaninkorea and SEI need to put their best teams on the field in the final game because four other teams would like to give them a push into consolation play.


Here's a snapshot of League FOUR as we enter the final weekend of the regular fantasy football season:


*1. Team DangeRuss 10-3-0 .769 1167 W-6


2. Brownsfaninkorea 8-5-0 .615 1102 L-1


3. Season Ending Injury 8-5-0 .615 1093 W-3

4. Illegal Procedure 7-6-0 .538 1046 L-1


5. Blitzburgh 7-6-0 .538 997 W-1


6. dirty hands 7-6-0 .538 965 W-1


7. wrfootball82 7-6-0 .538 961 W-1


8. Corky Crennels Byah! 6-7-0 .462 861 W-2


9. vdogrowz 5-8-0 .385 1072 L-1


10. 2yy4u 5-8-0 .385 1039 L -7


11. My Helmet's 2 Tight 5-8-0 .385 883 L-2


12. DaManBeagles 3-10-0 .231 762 L-5



We look forward to having Heidi's front office back in their usual form for the post season.


Good Luck to everyone this week!

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Bermeck and I are fighting it out for the Golden Bottom of the Barrel Trophy. I'm "this close" to winning ! @@


I couldn't help looking for a suitable prize for the winners of the Golden Bottom of the Barrel Trophy. This seems suitable:



A Golden Barrel Cactus.


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Great reporting from the league elite! It was looking like the DevilDawgs were going to be "fit to be tied" once again, but my boys eeked out a nail-biter in the end. Shoulda benched Ronnie Brown instead of Brian Westbrook. In any case we're going into the final week with playoff hopes and that's all I can ask of my charges. It's been a true DawgFight in League 3.



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It's the time of the year for snow and in the spirit of the winter season, the playoff pictures are starting to crystallize while some teams have flaked out. I'm here to tell you which is which, or which are which, or something like that. A remarkable number of playoff spots are still up for grabs so the last weekend of the fantasy football season should provide a lot of suspense in all of the leagues.


We look forward to having Heidi's front office back in their usual form for the post season.


Good Luck to everyone this week!


Thanks for another gem Kathy! 2 thumbs up on the whole year. This WOOF WOOF added so much value to these leagues. I enjoy seeing what goes on in the other leagues. That freakin Beanpot is a fantasy football dynasty. I don't think he's ever missed the playoffs since we've been doing these leagues. Our buddy Dange-RUSS who aswers to Riffer when he's wearing message board civies looks like he's lined his opponents up like a bunch of dominos in his quest to be the best. Heidi, thanks for all your entertaining info this season as well. League Three had so many dadblasted heavyweights that we had 9 teams chasing the final 3 playoff spots in our final week of the regular season so stay tuned to see how it plays out.

- Tom F.

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