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Crime Stats

Mr. T

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Guest Aloysius

Interesting website.


When I look up my zip code, I get two numbers: one for violent crime, another for property crime.


Unless you're living in a Congolese village, I'm assuming your 1 in 10 number is for property crime (for me, it's 1 in 23).

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I was looking at the city in whole and not by zip, we are land locked on a pennisula sorrounded by water from the cape fear river and the ocean. there are some real ignorant people around here as well as some real inteligent ones. there are some parts of town you just dont go into unless you have personal protection. I am friends with the assistant police chief here and he told me that if you are ever stopped at a light and one guy walks in front of your car while another comes up to the window he said hit the gas hard and run them over, they are getting ready to rob or steal your car.


The local paper used to cover the violent crime here, but they dont want to scare off anyone who wants to vacation here. Well they shouldn't promote the downtown area then. Wrightsville Beach is a Great place to vacation and very safe. The water is great compared to Myrtle beach, the water is clear you can go out waste deep and see your feet, unlike Carolina Beach or Myrtle Beach where they let the water from the roads empty right onto the beach.



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