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Twilight Review

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Summit Entertainment

PG 13 121 min



OK so I guess it was Frank Langella’s smooth talking Count Dracula that opened the door to the new breed of vampire and relegated the classic Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee to the children of the night seniors tour. The era of the undead leading man was upon us.

Then in the 80s the film LOST BOYS introduced a whole new genre of teenage bloodsuckers and soon author Anne Rice had taken them into the dark realm of the romance novel.

Well if you put all three of those subcategories in a cauldron and stir well you’ll get TWILIGHT, a mildly horrific chick flick with an extra helping of teenage angst.

TWILIGHT seems to be the first of a series based on Stephanie Meyer’s popular young adult novels.

I’ve never read any but my unscientific survey of fellow patrons suggests that the film version doesn’t hold up well against the book. Most of the Meyer fans expect that the next installments will improve. One can only hope.

This version isn’t horrible though it certainly starts out slowly and doesn’t get too much better. Bella (Kristin Stewart) has to move to Forks, a dreary little town in the Pacific Northwest to live with her father when free spirit mom hits the road with a new beau.

In the new school Bella mingles with the cliché cast of characters, including the stuck up cliques, the good-hearted dorks and the mean girls. Oh, and did I mention that the studly loner Edward Cullen (Robert Pettison) just happens to be the school vampire?

Don’t worry, he’s from a clan that doesn’t drink human blood or burn up in the daylight.

It’s apparent that these two outcasts, saddled with the self absorbed anxiety only teenagers can muster are a match made in, well whatever passes for heaven for the underworld crowd.

So that and a skirmish with some less benign vampires is stretched out to fill the whole couple hours and that’s about it folks,

The teens are a little bit whiney, well more than a little, and the whole is slower and longer than it needs to be, but even though the production is a small step above an after school special it’s not really terrible.

I kind of wish it had been great or suck out loud but I guess I’ll just apologetically leave you on your own and give it a …





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