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61.3% of the time ... he wins every time!


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This reminds me, we need to start a nickname thread. We've come up with some badass ones on here...




-Braylon Edward Scissorhands



Anybody got anything else?

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Marty Schottenheimer has a winning record of 200 wins and 126 losses.... .631 win %

Hopefully our next HC



Butch Davis 24 - 34

Crenelephant 24 - 36 (should have been canned 2 weeks ago)



Seriously..... Bring in Marty!



Schottenheimer's (7th Best in NFL History) numbers .630 winning percentage are almost = to Cowher's cowher's winning percentage is .623 + a SB Gift Victory.

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ok here...


Drive Assassin

Derelict Anderception

Phil Sewage

RAC and Rolls

Andrea Davis

Jamal "Twinkle Toes" Lewis

Phil 5 head Dawson

Donte Stallworthless

Braylon the "Brick hands" Edwards

Jason "Big head" wright

Scott "the pimp" Player or "Punty McOne Bar"



Don't forget the names:


Dumb Ass



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