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Jail for Cussing


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For the second day in a row, Judge Robert Ruehlman threw someone in jail and cited him for contempt for cussing in the courtroom.


was an accused gang member Wednesday. On Thursday, it was a private attorney in a non-criminal case.


Michael Brautigam was before Ruehlman representing himself in a contentious civil suit he had filed against his North Avondale condo association and other condo owners in the building who are represented by Cincinnati attorney Peter Koenig.


Brautigam lives at Rose Crest Condominiums in the 700 block of Clinton Springs Avenue. He sued, accusing the condo association of not properly taking care of the building and asked a judge to force it to fix the roof and make other repairs.


Brautigam, who is an attorney but isn't licensed in Ohio, asked Ruehlman for more time to file documents. Ruehlman gave it to him.


As Koenig and Brautigam turned to walk away from the judge, Brautigam called Koenig "a (bleeping) liar."


"He used the famous F-word," Koenig said. "(Ruehlman) asked Mr. Brautigam if he said that."


Brautigam admitted he had and had directed it at Koenig.


Ruehlman cited Brautigam for contempt and sent him to jail for six months.


"I had to give him six months because I gave the other guy (on Wednesday) six months," Ruehlman said.


Jamel Sechrest was before Ruehlman in a Wednesday hearing with four other accused members of the "Taliband," a gang police say has terrorized Northside and its residents by selling drugs and committing other crimes.


Sechrest, unhappy at having to wait until Feb. 2 for a trial - and sitting in jail until then - muttered "That's (bleeping) bull (bleep)."


"You don't say bull (bleep) in the courtroom," Ruehlman told Sechrest before citing him for contempt, sentencing him to six months in jail.


Koenig was surprised at being the recipient of Brautigam's curses.


"Judge Ruehlman absolutely did the right thing by attempting to maintain order, civility and decorum in his courtroom. Attorney Brautigam has been discourteous and disrespectful to judges, lawyers and litigants in our community on more than one occasion," Koenig said.


Thats what i call restoring order!




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