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Aromo Crennelephant's replacement should be Russ Grimm?

Buck The Frowns

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Grimm has four SB rings as a coach and nearly got the Steelers HC job when Tomlin was hired.

Some of you may have an issue with the fact that he is a Pittsburgh guy - from Pittsburgh area, played at Pitt - but both are also true of Marty Schottenheimer, who seems to be the flavor of the week here. Grimm is a generation younger and might actually bite if offered the Browns HC job.


Schottenheimer is arguably one of the most successful head coaches to never win a Super Bowl, along with Marv Levy.

Grimm is more the unknown quantity as a HC but probably knows how to win. Never held a coordinator job, if you think that is important. He is young enough to see a rebuilding program through. I think he is a couple years younger than Cowher


So which way do you go?

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