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Crennel As Jets DC ?


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Romeo Crennel, likely to be fired as the Cleveland Browns' coach, is a proven defensive coordinator who goes way back with Eric Mangini and don't be surprised if he gets considerationt to take over as the defensive coordinator of the New York Jets.

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Chris Gocong is funnier than anyone realized. He's funnier than he realized, too, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.


Earlier in the week, the Philadelphia Eagles linebacker was talking to a Comcast SportsNet reporter about the gravity of Sunday's repeat clash with the New York Giants. There was a grave this-is-a-must-win discussion before things inevitably turned to wide receiver Plaxico Burress.


Gocong was asked how not having Burress on the field might affect the Giants. Pause. Pensive look. "That's one less bullet for them to fire," Gocong said with an astonishingly straight face.


Either the man is a master of deadpan humor or he didn't realize what he'd said. Sometimes, you open your mouth and a little bit of genius slips out, unplanned.




This one had me rollin' !

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