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Pedophiles to Face Damnation

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The Vatican official in charge of catching paedophile priests has said their punishment in hell would be worse than receiving the death penalty on earth.


Monsignor Charles Scicluna issued the warning to seminarians at St Peter's basilica, in Rome, during prayers for abuse victims.


Quoting Gregory the Great, an early pope and monk who laid down rules for the clergy, he said a paedophile priest who exploited his office would get tougher treatment in hell than a layman.


"It would be really better for him that his evil deeds cause him death" under secular laws, he said.


Scicluna added that those who hurt children should be thrown into the sea with a millstone around their neck.


In his sermon, he also suggested that priests who covered up abuse committed by colleagues would also face the fires of hell.


I thought this organization was all about Jesus' teachings of forgiveness. Dad, I am confuse.

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