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Browns cut 5 to make room


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Guess they must have appreciated the upside of Danso versus the polish on Tevaseu. Him and Geathers could make an interesting front line in terms of size and strength!

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They kept Danso because Rob Ryan wants to keep him as his project player. He loves his physical skills and his eagerness to learn. He's a sure fire candidate to end up on the practice squad... I'll be suprised if he's anywhere else come August. I hope he makes it... gotta root for a guy like him.



Lemme copy and paste a bit from a story they had on him a while back


a few weeks earlier, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan – observing on East Carolina’s pro day – noticed Danso step through a door at 6-foot-5, 336 pounds and gasped “Who the hell is that?” to the Cleveland scouts standing beside him.

Unfazed by the information that Danso had never advanced beyond a brief appearance at second string on the East Carolina depth charts, Ryan was transfixed as the player bench-pressed 225 pounds 39 times. So much so that even after Ryan continued to scout players with much better pedigrees at more important schools, Danso was the one he kept remembering. And when Browns head coach Eric Mangini told him he could have one player to bring in with the intent of keeping around for most of the year to develop, Ryan knew immediately whom he wanted.

“I like the look in his eye,” Ryan says. “You have to root for a guy like that.”

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