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Deepwater-Gate: Administration Modifies Peer-Reviewed Report After it was Reviewed by Scientists


In the days following the Gulf oil spill, President Obama requested that the Secretary of the Interior conduct a 30-day review of the offshore drilling program in the United States and issue a report with recommendations. This report was to be “peer reviewed” by a team of seven engineers recommended by the National Academy of Engineering.


The team of engineers reviewed, approved and signed off on a version of the 30-day review that was presented to them by the Administration. However, after they signed their names to this document, a significant change was made – a change that led to the 6-month suspension of deepwater exploratory drilling.


The eight panel members said they disagree with the moratorium on all exploratory drilling.” In justifying its broad moratorium on deepwater drilling, the Obama administration emphasized that the measure was recommended by an Interior Department report prepared in consultation with scientists and industry experts.


The May 27 report to President Barack Obama said the experts “peer reviewed” its recommendations, including the six-month moratorium and 22 safety measures. But eight of the 15 members of the review panel are charging that the administration misrepresented their position by suggesting they supported a blanket moratorium that they actually oppose. Their criticism, and the administration’s response, are evidence that the six-month stoppage is based on politics rather than on science.


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Back in the Pres Clinton days, BP asked permission from Louisiana to drill at 500 feet.




Louisiana approved.


The Fed ruled against it, and insisted it be moved to 5,000 feet.


Dem president's admin made them drill where they drilled.


Now, the Obamao regime is taking 20 billion from them in a deal, that the Obamao regime




As in, to UNIONS.

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