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Get Him To The Greek review

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Get Him To The Greek


R 109 min




Well in the last few weeks I’ve seen a few “chick flicks” and did my best to be fair. After all I’m really not the target audience to there may well be something I’m just not hard wired to understand. Fair enough.

So as a fat, beer-drinking guy who enjoys a good weenie or butt joke as well as the next guy I’m going to assume that I do fall within the demographic the producers of GET HIM TO THE GREEK were shooting for.

To be honest I can see this becoming the latest in a series of “buzz” movies that get quoted ad nauseum by drunk 20 something guys and that a “Jeffery” (a joint made up of innumerable drugs and a gag beaten to death in the film) becomes the latest inside joke. Well, among those who consider themselves Greek “insiders” at least.

This is basically a buddy picture that teams up the wild and crazy guy with the introvert.

The extrovert is Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) an ex rock star who is now off the wagon and on the comeback trail.

The nerd is Aaron (Jonah Hill) a low-level record company grunt whose love life and career are in trouble.

So Jonah’s loud and vulgar boss (Sean Puff Daddy Combes) assigns the kid to fly to jolly old England to escort the wayward rocker to a big show at LAs Greek Theater.

That trip will become a minefield of dope booze and sex based pitfalls that jeopardize the plans success as well as Aaron’s heretofore sobriety and chastity.

I’m not offended by vulgarity or bothered by cheap slapstick but for the love of Pete the most important part of a dirty joke is the joke.

And these jokes just weren’t funny no matter how dirty.

Often a not too funny but crude flick can redeem itself in the end when one or more characters come to grips with their damaged relationships. You know, that whole redemption bit that’s often prompted yours truly to add a letter grade for a happy ending.

Not here.

There were plenty of opportunities to grab a cheap smile at the end and salvage a little respectability but director Nick Stoller (who’s shown promise before this) blows every possible save.

If F bombs, dope jokes, puke, un-funny music video spoofs and foreign objects up the, uh, you know, are all you want you’ll love it.

The rest of you are on your own.





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