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Why did you chose your respective screen name ?


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It started out as a inside joke, "I pitty the fool." Who mispelled Mr. T's middle name on his birth certificate.



True story.



My Drivers License, DD214, Honorable Discharge Certificate, Diploma among many other important documents have my middle name spelled the way it is supposed to be spelled. The only thing that has the mispelling is on my SS card and Birth Certificate. This was discovered shortley after my father passed away in 2005 when we were going through some paperwork.


A few years back while visiting my daughter in Columbus, I decided to get a copy of my Birth Certificate. Sure enough it was mispelled.


All I will say is that. I will stick with T. It works for me. :)

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"Cal" was the first three letters of "Callie", our one cat we used to have..


"Fox" was ditto of "Foxy" our other cat we used to have...


and "wc" stands for "woodcarvers"... we carved wildlife out of wood.


til we got too busy...

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